A Special Treat for Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters from Rover.com

starting-a-dog-sitting-or-dog-walking-business-from-homeSo you’ve decided to be a dog walker or dog sitter and make some extra cash, or maybe even start a serious work-from-home business involving starting your own home based doggy daycare, and now you’re looking for tips on how to make life easier for yourself, and how to maximize your income.

Well, this article is just for you in that case. Today, we’re going to show you how you can walk a dog without the use of your hands, thus freeing up your hands for other things as well as inhibiting the dogs you walk from pulling you and dragging you around town.

We’re also going to show you how to have your own independent doggy business away from Rover.com so that you are not dependent on a shady organization that issues half-assed apologies to the dog owners who’ve had their beloved pets die in the custody of an inexperienced or incompetent Rover sitter (we know this isn’t you), the same Rover.com that, if they suspect you of any foul play or getting business outside of their app, will punish you by dropping you in the search on Rover.com itself.

Making Dog Walking Great Again

Dogs have a mind of their own. They don’t mean any harm when they see a squirrel or cat and instinctively take off after it. It’s nothing personal against you. However, it can still be quite annoying, or worse, it can cause you to drop the dog’s leash and it get away, or run out in traffic thus endangering itself and the public at large.

So aside from building a 6th sense for the spontaneous decisions of the dog you’re walking, what can you do? Are you aware that there are hands free dog leashes out there which ensure that no matter what you do, the dog cannot get away?

For example, the Good Hound hands free dog leash for running on Amazon has been hailed by professional dog walkers as being just what they needed to secure Fido during a walk.

Using Rover.com to Get More Customers for Your Doggy Daycare Business, Not Getting Used Yourself


Rover.com is not a great, friendly, loving organization. They play favorites, they go around to local towns and attempt to shut down pre-existing home doggy daycares- all so they can get a bigger market share. So how do you think they’ll treat you as an independent contractor when push comes to shove?

If you can read between the lines, then you’ll be less likely to get abused by Rover.com while being able to benefit from their marketing/sales funnel in the beginning to build your clientele list if you know how to play your cards right.

Rover.com strategies to get business and eventually graduate completely from their service

1. User Rover.com to get your first customers. This means filling out your profile as completely as possible on Rover. Putting up happy pictures of you with dogs, showing your home in pictures, as well as doing your homework to demonstrate an advanced knowledge of dog care is going to attract more customers.

——–> Pro Tip: Before you upload any pictures to Rover.com, create a folder on your computer and put the photos there first. Then go into the folder and rename the pictures “Dog Sitter “, “Dog Walker “, etc. (This is going to go along way for you on the website code level, as well as help you when you make your own basic website to get dog sitting business outside of Rover.com, which is super important for long term success)

2. Never contact your customers through the Rover.com website or app and tell them that they can simply pay you in cash. Never ever do this. Rover.com watches and monitors ALL messages on their app and service and they will strike you down with a vengeance, if not completely eliminate your account if they suspect you are taking them out of the transaction. THAT INCLUDES YOUR CELL PHONE AND SPECIAL ROVER NUMBER USED TO SEND TEXTS

——–> Pro Tip: Make business cards with your phone number and website name to hand out to regular customers, and offer a discount for direct payment outside of Rover.com. Keep all your communications through your own phone or cell number, outside of Rover.com’s app or site. However, inform them that they cannot talk about such things on Rover.com itself to you and let them know that both they and you will be kicked off the site for such behavior, and if they ever send you a message on Rover.com saying they want to pay you in cash, always decline and act like you don’t know what they are talking about.

3. Build a simple website, much like this blog. Connect it to Google Places/Business for free to get a search engine boost for your local area when people search for dog sitters and dog boarding.

——–> Pro Tip: Invest in a guide that shows you how to build a simple website and take the road least traveled by most existing Rover.com sitters. Doing that little bit extra is going to give you a massive advantage in the long run. Like this one: Move Over, Rover! Guide to Starting a Dog Sitting or Dog Walking Business

Visit this site regarding Rover.com reviews that teaches you all the steps on how to build the most successful dog boarding and dog sitting business on your own.

We hope these dog walking and dog sitting tips help you. This comes from our years of experience dealing with Rover.com and their scumbag lawyers, hearing the stories of sitters who are being harassed for not giving their souls over to Rover.com for life and choosing to be more independent and therefore, independently wealthy.

Most people who start a home based dog sitting or dog walking business seek more freedom, not to be tethered to another dishonest and abusive employer. We wish you all the success and cash in the world in your dog sitting and walking business.