Avoid These Most Common Airbnb Customer Complaints and Make More Money as a Host

I’m no stranger to Airbnb.

I’ve been traveling the world for over the last 4 years now consecutively which means lots of hotel rooms and now, Airbnb rentals. Airbnb is a website that allows travelers to book rooms or stays at private apartments and houses all around the world.

It might sound like a rosy picture, the de-regulated hospitality sector and added consumer choices in picking a place to stay, but just like Uber and customer service from their drivers, as a customer a lot of times you’re dealing with people who have very little experience in hospitality or even running their own business.

If you’re a host, the name of the game is eliminating negative reviews on Airbnb naturally, not trying to petition Airbnb to censor bad reviews, which hilariously enough, people are doing Google searches for.

Actually almost a million people are searching for that, every month.

how to avoid negative Airbnb customer reviews and complaints

How Hosts Can Avoid Negative Reviews on Airbnb

Here’s a list of some of the top complaints from customers on Airbnb.

1. Dirty apartment or home – Many people complain that the place smelled so bad they couldn’t stand being there, and I’m sure I’m not the only one to discover dust and cobwebs in places where they shouldn’t be. Keeping your Airbnb as clean as a hotel room should be your minimum new standard.

Remember, you’re competing with actual hotels now, so your potential guest could just as easily thumb their way over to a different app on their phone and make a reservation.

2. Bad Wi-Fi – Lots of folks work from their computers or stream movies online while traveling. To be honest, I rarely watch TV when traveling internationally, mostly because I don’t understand the local language well enough to enjoy a program or movie and because the cultural nuances are lost on me.

It’s the 21st Century and most countries have pretty strong Wifi. If you are not providing a way for people to do everything they need or want to do online, then you are on par with a cheap motel! Plain and simple.

3. Communication issues- Often times you cannot get a hold of an Airbnb host in order to access the property or they are late. Then, a host may be slow to respond or provide an inadequate solution to a problem that arises during your stay.

As an Airbnb host, even if you don’t have the solution to a problem readily available, you should communicate swiftly back confirming that you understand there’s an issue and let the customer know you’re addressing it.

The other side of not communicating enough is communicating too much. Pestering your guests or “checking up” on them is also unacceptable. Demanding they use text apps on their phone or sending them texts is unnecessary when you can use Airbnb, protecting yourself and your guest in the process.

Pro tip: To cut down on unnecessary communication or people who expect you to show them around town, make a copy/paste email that you send whenever someone books with you that links to 3 – 5 tourist worthy sites to visit, as well as keep the directions to your place accurate by copy/pasting a link from google maps.

4. Missing amenities – If you advertise in your listing that you have a kitchen for your guests, then ensure that you have basics like salt and pepper, vegetable or cooking oil, and pots, pans, and a sharp knife with a cutting board so that people can actually use the facilities.

At a recent Airbnb stay I found no plates, only bowls. Another one didn’t provide a knife. Would you live without plates or a cutting knife for meat or vegetables in your own home? Most people wouldn’t, especially not people with enough money for a second property they use for just renting out as an extra income stream.

Additionally, an easy way to impress your guests is by having one or two unique, memorable decorations or even a fun gadget that most people would enjoy. Remember, people pay more for premium experiences like hotel rooms with more perks and the same goes for your rental as well. Head on over to https://charmingwares.com for some luxury decorating ideas at discount prices.

5. Deceptive practices on photos and listing info – I’ve stayed at some places where the host owned or managed several different properties in the same area, and I started to get a sixth sense when one belonged to him just by the descriptions he used in the title of his listings. Just like the old marketing tip, you shouldn’t call your listed home “perfect” or “beautiful” unless it actually is, which it probably isn’t!

Using more accurate descriptors and photos, as well as managing expectations carefully in how your write out your listing will lead to a less jarring discovery experience for an Airbnb customer, and they will be less likely to feel like they’ve been had.

6. Don’t ask for reviews – If you have to ask for reviews, then there’s probably something wrong with your listing or customer service. Most of the reviews I read on Airbnb are very careful to not verbally destroy a host’s chances at future business. Keeping that in mind, most people who aren’t happy with your Airbnb rental will simply not leave you a review and go about their way, never to return.

Find ways to first accomplish the necessary basics, then consider ways of adding small touches here and there to your property to wow the guest. It could literally be anything, a short hand-written note and a few pieces of candy all the way to fresh flowers in a vase on the table. You won’t spend a lot of money, but used tactically on long-term guests, it can result in a positive, thoughtful review- which means more business for you in the long run.

Creating Happy Airbnb Guests and Experiences, Not Customers

Most Airbnb hosts do not have the first clue about guest or customer service.

Owning a home and renting it out makes you no more a hotel than my buying an NFL jersey makes me the starting Quarterback for the Detroit Lions.

Treat customers like guests, and you’ll automatically take care of the rest. Don’t cut corners because it will come back to haunt you. You can fool some people some of the time, but you can’t fool all people all of the time.

Your income potential on Airbnb is dependent upon the service your provide as a host.

You have to ask yourself: “What is the value that I’m creating with my listing?”. Again, people can stay just as easily at a hotel, so what more are they looking for that you can give them?

You have an imagination, use it! Small accents and touches are all you need once you’ve got the minimum accounted for.

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Understanding the Different Types of Sleep Apnea Surgery for Eliminating Snoring

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is an illness characterized by a repetitive and intermittent narrowing of the airway when one is sleeping. Treatment of OSA using surgical therapies aim to enhance airway patency by addressing specific part(s) of obstructions. Since various areas may each be responsible for the narrowing, several surgical modalities have been developed as well.

Introduction to Sleep Apnea Surgery

Surgery can be a multi-step procedure that involves more than one process. It is essential to follow up frequently with your physician after surgery.

An Overview of the Various Sleep Apnea Surgeries for Snoring

1. Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPP)

It is a type of soft palate procedure that targets the back and top part of your mouth. It entails repositioning and removing excess tissues in the throat to widen the airway. The surgeon may trim down the uvula and soft palate, remove tonsils and reposition the soft palate muscles.

Although UPP is one of the most common types of sleep apnea surgery, the procedure is unlikely to cure severe apnea. However, it may be combined with different surgeries which target other sites for optimal results.

2. Radiofrequency Volumetric Tissue Reduction (RFVTR)

RFVTR is a treatment procedure for individuals with mild to moderate sleep apnea symptoms. It makes use of measured cauterization to tighten and shrink the tissues located in and around the victim’s throat. It can be applied to the tonsils, tongues, and soft palate.

3. Genioglossus Advancement

The tongue may block the space for breathing in the throat during sleep. So, this surgery process helps to move forward the main tongue attachment, thereby opening up space for breathing. It involves cutting a section of the lower jaw where the tongue is attached. The procedure is effective when done appropriately.

As you begin to see, a lot of this surgery involves removing parts of your body, trimming things so-to-speak, and many people report that corrective surgery simply is not worth the long term side effects vs. its efficacy. In other words, is the surgery worth it? Does it work to make life easier for you?

For less invasive corrective measures for snoring and mild sleep apnea, visit http://copeministries.org

4. Lingualplasty and midline glossectomy

lingual plasty sleep apnea surgeryThese surgery options involve removing the back of the tongue. In doing so, the tongue becomes smaller in size and hence does not block the flow of air among people with sleep apnea.

5. Hyoid Suspension

This procedure widens the breathing space within the lower part of the throat. The U-shaped bone in the neck called the hyoid bone provides a base support to the tongue and other structures of the throat including epiglottis.

Hyoid suspension entails pulling forward the hyoid bone and securing it in place. So how does Hyoid suspension for sleep apnea compare to the other surgeries? It is seen as generally less effective.

6. Turbinate Reduction and Septoplasty

These surgical procedures open up the nasal passage to enhance the air flow. On one hand, Septoplasty straightens a deviated nasal septum or a bent (a divider which separates the two sides of the nose). While on the other, Turbinate reduction removes or reduces curved structures which stick out from the side of the nose. Also, medication can help reduce turbinate size.

How Deviated Septum and Blocked Nasal Airways Aggravate Snoring and Sleep Apnea

A deviated septum arises when the septum is moved to one side of the nose. A septoplasty surgery takes between 30 – 90 minutes to complete. You will be under anesthesia, depending on what the doctor decides.

Typically, the surgical procedure for deviated septum involves the following steps:

Step 1 – Anesthesia
Step 2 – The incision
Step 3 – Mucosal lining separation
Step 4 – Deviated septum correction
Step 5 – Closing the incision
Step 6 – See the results

Tempur Pedic Mattress Reviews

comfortable tempur pedic mattress with free shippingIn the last few years, many companies have launched a variety of mattresses but the one that has become most famous is the Tempur Pedic mattress. It ensures you an experience, a peaceful sleep that you must not have enjoyed ever until now

What Makes Tempur Pedic Mattress the Best Bed for the Buck?

There are various factors that combine to make the Tempur mattresses different and the best.

Adaptability – these mattresses are known for conforming to the weight and shape of your body. Unlike various other materials that offer a similar characteristic but deteriorate in quality soon, the Tempur mattresses make sure you enjoy this feature for years and years.

Durable – the material of which the mattresses are made are highly durable and thus you will get to enjoy sleeping on our favorite Tempur mattress for very long.

Temperature regulation – the mattresses respond to the temperature of your body and regulate cold and heat thus creating a perfect sleeping environment.

Pressure point relief –the two main reasons when your pressure points press against your mattress. However, as Tempur Pedic conforms to the shape and weight of your body the chances of you experiencing such discomfort is negligible.

How Are the Tempur Mattresses Made and from what materials?

The Tempur Pedic mattresses have a top cover and five different layers. The top cover can be zipped off for replacing or washing and is durable and soft.

Smart Climate System – it is s two-layer construction which ensures you enjoy comfort throughout the night.

Comfort Layer – crafted out of extremely soft TEMPUR-ES material it determines the feel of the mattress and works together with the support layer to offer personalized support and comfort.

Response Layer – crafted out of TEMPUR-Response material, it distributes your body weight evenly offering you the support you require.

Dynamic Support Layer – made of densely placed, innovative precision coils, it works together with the Response layer to properly react to the movement of your body.

Base Layer – this is the base for the above layers and also helps disperse heat from the Tempur mattress.

Just think how far we’ve come as humanity from sleeping on piles of leaves to the mattresses of today.

Tempur Pedic Mattress Review

Now, let us get to learn about a few Tempur mattresses that have already become immensely popular in 2018.

TEMPUR – Cloud Prima Medium-Soft Mattress

The cloud line is comparatively affordable and makes sure you enjoy a restful sleep experience. All thanks to its SmartClimate system, even if you are on a budget you still will enjoy using a foam that will not overheat. Though this model is quite soft it is still firm. Like most of the Tempur mattresses, this one two is available in varying sizes.

TEMPUR – Contour Supreme Firm Mattress

This is the firmest model and also the most expensive one. Be sure your needs will be met perfectly with this supreme firm mattress. It is perfect for those who have the problem of back pain as the mattress adapts to your body the ideal way. You can use this model on an adjustable base, and keep your mattress firm and soft where needed.

TEMPUR-Cloud Soft Loft Mattress

If you want a mattress that is soft and supportive at the same time then this will be ideal for you. It is gentle compared to the other options, yet easily conforms to anyone’s body. The comfort layer of this mattress is thicker and can thus relieve pressure on the body. You can get this mattress in sizes including California king, king, queen, and full.

Tempur-Pedic Pricing and Delivery

The price of the Tempur mattresses ranges from $1,299 to $8,599. The mattresses are not compressed but wrapped in plastic while shipping. Tempur-Pedic delivers their mattresses to each of the 50 states and charges a delivery fee of $25. The delivery charges include assembling the mattress in your home, packing the waste, and removing your old mattress.

For a less pricey alternative, the DreamCloud luxury plush cooling memory foam pillow top mattress with free delivery is a standout pick for 2018 and beyond as one of the top new beds in a box.

To Conclude –

Tempur Pedic mattresses may be a little expensive compared to some other mattresses available, but the kind of comfort it offers and its high durability makes it worth the purchase. You also have various options, so you can easily choose the one that matches both your needs and your budget, and enjoy a perfect night’s sleep always.

Solutions to Common Dog Behavior Problems: Barking, Separation Anxiety, Pulling on Leash, etc.

training dog to stop pulling on leashSome of the most common dog behavior problems which include barking, begging, pulling on the leash, urinating indoors, whining, separation anxiety, aggressive behavior, can all be solved with a few minor adjustments in your dog’s routine.

Today we’re going to show you some common dog behavior problems and how you can train your dog to behave better.

Stopping Common Dog Behavior Problems: Barking

Barking is the universal canine neighborhood annoyance that’s guaranteed to have your neighbors or your landlord regretting having to deal with you and your dog. Dogs bark for many common reasons: they are protecting the homeland, and are treating strangers as strange which according to Plato’s Republic, is the sign of a proper dog.

Common Dog Behavior Issues: Separation Anxiety


Does your dog lose its mind when you leave it alone for even a few hours? Ever come home to a complete set of broken coffee cups? Then your dog and mine could probably hang out. Separation anxiety in dogs is very common, and it’s really a matter of conditioning and training your dog to be comfortable even when you’re not present, or when it’s left all by itself at home.

More Common Negative Behaviors in Dogs: Biting


Biting is one of the quickest way to not make friends for your dog. Beside being embarrassing, it can actually be downright dangerous to others and other dogs as well. It’s going to be very important to remove the desire to bite people or other dogs as soon as possible.

Bad Doggy Behaviors: Pulling on Leash


One great way to stop a dog’s tendency to pull on the leash is with a retractable hands free dog leash. With a bungee cord material, the hands free harness distributes the tension of sudden dog movements evenly along the leash so that the dog cannot effectively jerk you around.

dog behavior problems: no pull leashBesides that you can make sure your dog learns to stop until you are ready to go, and stay with you at all times. If it gets distracted or wants to sniff everything in sight, learn to balance spontaneous stops during your walk that allows your dog to sniff and mark with a steady walking pace.

For dogs, they love to be out walking- but they will want to stop and smell what’s new with the community dogs stirring about. I compare dogs sniffing street corners and light poles to humans checking their facebook notifications.

Dog Marking Its Territory

The best way to prevent your dog from excessive marking or marking on furniture is to stop it mid-act. This way it associates a powerful emotional message which your dog can clearly understand that this behavior is not acceptable. Allowing dogs the freedom to mark outdoors could alleviate any negative indoors tendencies, finding the balance between domesticated dog and completely feral beast.