Solutions to Common Dog Behavior Problems: Barking, Separation Anxiety, Pulling on Leash, etc.

training dog to stop pulling on leashSome of the most common dog behavior problems which include barking, begging, pulling on the leash, urinating indoors, whining, separation anxiety, aggressive behavior, can all be solved with a few minor adjustments in your dog’s routine.

Today we’re going to show you some common dog behavior problems and how you can train your dog to behave better.

Stopping Common Dog Behavior Problems: Barking

Barking is the universal canine neighborhood annoyance that’s guaranteed to have your neighbors or your landlord regretting having to deal with you and your dog. Dogs bark for many common reasons: they are protecting the homeland, and are treating strangers as strange which according to Plato’s Republic, is the sign of a proper dog.

Common Dog Behavior Issues: Separation Anxiety


Does your dog lose its mind when you leave it alone for even a few hours? Ever come home to a complete set of broken coffee cups? Then your dog and mine could probably hang out. Separation anxiety in dogs is very common, and it’s really a matter of conditioning and training your dog to be comfortable even when you’re not present, or when it’s left all by itself at home.

More Common Negative Behaviors in Dogs: Biting


Biting is one of the quickest way to not make friends for your dog. Beside being embarrassing, it can actually be downright dangerous to others and other dogs as well. It’s going to be very important to remove the desire to bite people or other dogs as soon as possible.

Bad Doggy Behaviors: Pulling on Leash


One great way to stop a dog’s tendency to pull on the leash is with a retractable hands free dog leash. With a bungee cord material, the hands free harness distributes the tension of sudden dog movements evenly along the leash so that the dog cannot effectively jerk you around.

dog behavior problems: no pull leashBesides that you can make sure your dog learns to stop until you are ready to go, and stay with you at all times. If it gets distracted or wants to sniff everything in sight, learn to balance spontaneous stops during your walk that allows your dog to sniff and mark with a steady walking pace.

For dogs, they love to be out walking- but they will want to stop and smell what’s new with the community dogs stirring about. I compare dogs sniffing street corners and light poles to humans checking their facebook notifications.

Dog Marking Its Territory

The best way to prevent your dog from excessive marking or marking on furniture is to stop it mid-act. This way it associates a powerful emotional message which your dog can clearly understand that this behavior is not acceptable. Allowing dogs the freedom to mark outdoors could alleviate any negative indoors tendencies, finding the balance between domesticated dog and completely feral beast.

Understanding the Crypto Currency Lingo – FUD, HODL, FOMO & Moonshots Explained

bitcoin lingoJust like every sub-culture, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin have their own lingo, their own slang- their own code within a code, if you will. Today we’re going to equip you with the most common phrases and acronyms that will make your journey into Bitcoin that much easier and more enjoyable.

FOMO – The Fear of Missing Out

FOMO is the fear of missing out

The fear of missing out is something that drives many crypto traders into buying coins at all time highs, instead of waiting for pullbacks and dips in price to enter a position into a certain coin. This usually results in people “holding bags” which means you’re holding a position now at a loss from when you bought.

I know it’s easy to see a coin making 60% gains in one day and think that if you don’t buy some now, you will have missed the boat. But chances are, there will be a price retraction in the days and weeks to follow, so the smart thing to do would be to add the coin to your radar and then decide in a week or 2 if the price is right to buy.

HODL – Hold On for Dear Life


Most traders know what it means to hold. But to hold on to dear life is something else. This means that as a crypto currency investor, you are adopting the concept of holding through good times- and bad. It is the “HODL” mentality that will help you survive those crypto market moments when everything in your coin portfolio takes a 40% dive. Because this is when the newbies sell out of panic, then a few months later, the market is at a new high and the people who held on and hung tough will enjoy the gains, while those who walked away did so at a monetary loss.

Remember: you don’t lose unless you sell. This is why you only invest that which you’re willing to lose in the first place.

FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

korea fud shakes crypto market

In the course of your crypto currency investing journey, you’re going to be hit with a barrage of news. Much of this news will be bad. It will be broadcasted by ignorant “journalists” in the mainstream media who not only hate Bitcoin, but seek at some level to destroy it and make it appear not to be a viable investment. The thing is, they’ve been doing this for many years, and it has not stopped Bitcoin one iota.

Additionally, even China’s government making Bitcoin illegal has not killed the price. In late summer of 2017 China announced it would be outlawing Bitcoin, which led to a 30% drop in Bitcoin’s price, which it more than made up for when it skyrocketed another 500% in November/December of 2017.

So remember, even temporary bad press and negative news stories which result in fear, uncertainty and doubt may only lead to a short-term drop in price, which if you are in the HODL gang, that just means a buying opportunity!


bitcoin moonshot to the moon

You will hear many people exclaiming  “…to the Moon!!!”. This is because people are hoping the price of the crypto coin they’re most heavily invested in does indeed shoot up to the moon.

People often take the moonshot concept and use the word “moon” as a verb. You will hear people saying “Tron will moon in 2018” or “Cardano is mooning right now”. This just means a massive uptick in price.


ryan hildreth is crypto fanboy

These are the cheerleaders and resident shill-men (or women) of any certain coin. These types will get on YouTube and try to convince you to buy their favorite coin, cloud mining contract, or even in the case of recently shuttered BitConnect- ponzi scheme.

Beware of crypto fanboys. They do not have your best interests at heart. Also, as a crypto investor, you must learn to take a detached view of every investment you make. Some investments in crypto currency coins are better than others, but you’re never married to any one coin.

Read The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin and Crypto Alt Coin Investing here

Here are some sites that I use to buy and sell crypto currencies which I highly recommend:

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Sign up to the Binance exchange here and start buying/selling Bitcoin and other hot crypto currencies.

When Dog Walkers and Dog Sitters Hurt or Lose Your Pet, or Get Lost in the Woods for a Week and Almost Die

Dog Walker Slips and Falls in the Woods, Loses Dog and Blacks Out

She was admittedly not prepared for a walk in the woods that day. She brought no treats, no water, none of her normal supplies. It took a search and rescue team to locate her after 3 days of being missing. She fell down on a log, saying that she had not wore the right footwear, and knocked herself out, then lost a dog named Bubba. Around the time she could not find her phone or the dog Bubba, she decided to sit it out in the forest come nightfall on Eagle Mountain, hoping her husband would set out and search for her.

On the 2nd day she was able to locate Bubba but was disoriented, and attempted to find her way back. Her attempts to get back to her car were met with a continued state of being lost and feeling deep despair. The dogs were cold and looking to her for leadership, and she had no answers.

Eventually she spotted a SAR helicopter circling above but was not able to get their attention. In her video where she describes the experience, she even calls the SAR helicopter crew “dumbass” because they could not see her. All this from a person putting the lives of others and the dogs she was caring for at risk, spending the taxpayer’s dollar, and then expecting people to feel sorry for her.

When Dog Walkers and Dog Sitters Hurt or Lose Your Pet

New Jersey Dog Owner Sues Pet Sitter After Dog Loses Eye in Vicious Attack from Other Dog Under Her Care

In a standard and easily preventable tragedy, one dog attacked another when the Maltese/Shih Tzu mix attempted to eat some of the attacking dog’s food. The dog was seriously injured after losing an eye. The dog owner was regretful, saying she wish she had never taken that vacation, but I don’t think that’s fair.

Dog sitting business owners must understand that you have to separate dogs when there is food present.

dog sitting mistakesThis is also why it’s so important for a dog sitter to have insurance and also to have some type of training on their resume when opening a dog sitting or dog walking business. This means either you spend an entire weekend researching YouTube videos and Google searching how to be a dog sitter, or you can simply follow the already prepared guide at this site which gives you all the necessary basic information on pet sitting, but also actually helps dog sitters and dog walkers build a sustainable and growing business based on premium customer service and customer loyalty, not taking on too many dogs of different sizes irresponsibly and letting them maul each other until one dog gets seriously hurt.

Las Vegas Convention Reveals the Increased Global Demand for Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece and Oral Appliances

The recent sleep apnea mouthpiece convention in Las Vegas has revealed the growing trend of the baby boomers needing stay at home care and more affordable, less bulky options than CPAP.

Sleep Apnea Mouthpieces

Many stop snoring mouthpieces offer sleep apnea sufferers an easy, price-conscious product that many times don’t even require a trip to the dentist for fitting. Many times the products don’t require fitting, or offer a simple boil and bite procedure for customization.

The FDA and Health Canada have even cleared many stop snoring devices and doctors are now revealing studies that show a simple $100 mouthguard you wear at night during sleep, a much more comfortable option than a large CPAP machine and mask, can offer similar significant improvements of a patient’s condition.

Snoring Can Be Stopped with Natural Solutions Too

Snoring can be helped by cutting out alcohol, smoking, and eating too much. Exercise is great for helping people but men and women over 40, or with neck sizes larger than 16 inches, as well as people with small chins, are all at risk for snoring and sleep apnea.

weight is a risk factor for snoringMany people are waking up to the reality that sleep apnea surgery simply isn’t wort it, and most of the time it doesn’t even work. The continuous positive airway pressure device (CPAP) seems to be the most effective option, but it is difficult to use every night and still want to lead a normal, unrestricted lifestyle where travel is not extremely difficult.

Even children snore sometimes

ADHD and ADD can also be linked to sleep disorders like snoring. Even depression is a result of not getting good sleep throughout the night due to a restricted airway. The best thing you can do is pinpoint the problem, and then gradually move to solve it by starting with the smallest, most affordable, least cumbersome option possible.

Good luck and here’s to solving your snoring problem sooner than later.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs- Without Breaking the Bank

-Most of the time, bed bugs choose their victims based on body heat and exhaled air like carbon dioxide.

-A clean house will not prevent bed bugs, but it will help you stop bed bugs more easily.

-Sometimes bed bugs only bite one or 2 people in your household, leaving you or your partner pretty much untouched, while the baby or your husband or wife gets the red itchy bumps from the insects.

-Bed bug exterminator costs can reach into the thousands of dollars for bed bugs, often with no guarantee that they will work.

Natural and chemical products exist which can stop bed bugs.

-Aerosol sprays and bed bug spray products may only kill the bed bugs you see, and their safety may not be verified. Then there’s the unhatched eggs of bed bugs which cannot be killed on contact, because they are difficult to locate.

-Products offered on Defensive End! use viable amorphous freshwater silica, silica which is often safe enough to eat, and to kill bed bugs with a high degree of effectiveness.

-Be aware that you could have gotten bed bugs anywhere- at a movie theater, from your kids’ friends at school, or even a hospital bed. Cities that rely heavily on tourism for their economy may also experience a large amount of bed bug infestations due to a constant influx of travelers.

-Get ready to discard old furniture that may have a bed bug infestation.