Arizona: Phoenix’s City-Wide Bed Bug Problem Just Keeps Getting Worse

Bed Bugs biting customers at Phoenix area movie theater

bed bugs in movie seats in PhoenixPeople sitting down to watch the movie “Flatliners” at a Phoenix valley AMC said they noticed itchy bed bug bites while attempting to enjoy some cinema one afternoon. Movie theater employees corroborated their story, saying the bed bugs have indeed become a major problem there.

Bedbugs a problem at Phoenix Wal Mart

Just a year ago a Valley man decided to use the scooter to get around during his shopping trip to Wal Mart. About 10 minutes later his back started to itch and when he got up, he noticed what was a textbook case of bed bugs in the cracks of the seats. He immediately went home and stripped down, then put his clothes in the dryer on high heat for a few hours to kill the bed bugs.

An upsurge in bedbugs linked to the increase in world trade and travel

Bed bugs- is there a way to explain such an upsurge? Bed bugs are inherently vulnerable to insecticides, especially organophosphates or DDT, which were used extensively in the 1950s and 1960s. But the progressive ban, since the 1970s, of these products for reasons of ecology and public health could have contributed to their return. Many people have turned to natural solutions in the treatment of bed bugs like this all natural bed bug killer:

Bed Bug controversy at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport causes one employee to speak out

An employee at the Phoenix airport who wished to remain anonymous reported that the bedbug issue recently reported in the news- could be a lot worse in reality. Known as “Jerry”, the airport employee said that he and several other staff members of the airport suspect that whenever they are required to remove furniture from the terminals, it is most often for bed bugs being found in the seats. A separate spokesperson for the airport claimed the furniture was being removed in large amounts because of failing fabric and reclamation by the manufacturers of the furniture under warranty.

So who do you believe?

Bed bugs at Loyola University

Students are again finding bed bugs in the dorms and residence halls at Loyola University in Phoenix. School representatives claim that there have been proactive inspections and treatments for bed bugs in every residence hall on an annual basis since the year 2000.

Reactions among the student body was mixed. Some students were heavily freaked out, others just minorly annoyed but still expecting school officials to do something about the problem described as “gross”.

Hospitality Industry Tips: How to Be a Customer Service King in 2018

hotel and restaurant management hospitality industry tipsThe hospitality industry is a whole lot more demanding and competitive than most people assume, and that’s why everyone in it is always looking for ways to improve. You just have to. if you’re going to survive and thrive.

To that end, here’s a quick list of killer hospitality training tips that will put you head and shoulders above your competition in the industry. Some of them might seem a bit obvious, but you will be surprised at just how much of a difference they can make for your business if you consciously implement them each and every day.

Let’s get right into it.

The Top Hospitality Tips of 2018

1. Get your team in gear

You will only be as good as the team you have behind you. For those in hospitality management positions, there’s nothing more important than cultivating a team that mirrors your commitment, standards, and passion for the work that you do. Sure, it’s easier said than done, but it should always be a priority.

Hire the very best people available, give them very clear objectives and expectations, allow them the room they need to do their jobs, and always let them know when they’re doing a good job. You’re the captain of the ship, and how you lead your team is just as important as how the wind blows, if not more so.

2. Keep on learning new hospitality tips

The best teachers are learning to the very end. Hotel managers really need to be virtuosos of their trade – knowing all there is to know about every aspect of their craft. Proper hospitality training dictates that you know the proper dishwashing technique just as well as what wine pairs with every item on your menu. You can’t afford to stop improving and innovating your operation.

Don’t be afraid to change the way you do things if you find out about a better way; you might encounter some resistance at first from your staff, but if you’re working towards providing a better experience for your customers, the results will justify your decision, and everyone will be better off because of it. Leaders face the wind.

One great training resource is the Waiting Tables Video Master Class Course which teaches anyone who will be dealing in guest or customer service, especially waiters and bartenders, how to make more tips!

3. Say hello

Never underestimate the power of the personal touch. Guests coming into your establishment, for the first time might not know what to expect, and a personal welcome might go a long way in making them feel immediately at home. Take every chance you get to greet them as they enter, making eye contact, smiling, and generally letting them know that you’re glad to have them with you and are at their service should they need anything.

Managers, make sure to say hello and visit tables. Just saying hello while wearing a suit can do wonders for your restaurant’s image.

Most guests are a bit shy about asking for additional service, and putting them at ease about such things might be the thing that keeps them coming back to your place time and time again. That extra set of towels they ask for in the middle of the night might be the thing that gets your Yelp! review to the top of Google’s search results.

4. Keep (your hospitality approach) up with the times

Speaking of search results, you have to adapt your approach to the hospitality industry in the digital age, where your online presence is just as important as the state of your kitchens. Restaurants and hotels nowadays have to be easily located online, as word-of-mouth recommendations have moved entirely to social media and review websites.

Invest in a bit of IT expertise, whether it’s in-house or sourced externally. Online bookings, social media presence, online marketing, SEO optimization, and everything inbetween should be prioritized in today’s times if you want to compete effectively. And yeah, don’t forget about the Wi-Fi. Never forget about the Wi-Fi.

Understanding the Different Types of Sleep Apnea Surgery for Eliminating Snoring

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is an illness characterized by a repetitive and intermittent narrowing of the airway when one is sleeping. Treatment of OSA using surgical therapies aim to enhance airway patency by addressing specific part(s) of obstructions. Since various areas may each be responsible for the narrowing, several surgical modalities have been developed as well.

Introduction to Sleep Apnea Surgery

Surgery can be a multi-step procedure that involves more than one process. It is essential to follow up frequently with your physician after surgery.

An Overview of the Various Sleep Apnea Surgeries for Snoring

1. Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPP)

It is a type of soft palate procedure that targets the back and top part of your mouth. It entails repositioning and removing excess tissues in the throat to widen the airway. The surgeon may trim down the uvula and soft palate, remove tonsils and reposition the soft palate muscles.

Although UPP is one of the most common types of sleep apnea surgery, the procedure is unlikely to cure severe apnea. However, it may be combined with different surgeries which target other sites for optimal results.

2. Radiofrequency Volumetric Tissue Reduction (RFVTR)

RFVTR is a treatment procedure for individuals with mild to moderate sleep apnea symptoms. It makes use of measured cauterization to tighten and shrink the tissues located in and around the victim’s throat. It can be applied to the tonsils, tongues, and soft palate.

3. Genioglossus Advancement

The tongue may block the space for breathing in the throat during sleep. So, this surgery process helps to move forward the main tongue attachment, thereby opening up space for breathing. It involves cutting a section of the lower jaw where the tongue is attached. The procedure is effective when done appropriately.

As you begin to see, a lot of this surgery involves removing parts of your body, trimming things so-to-speak, and many people report that corrective surgery simply is not worth the long term side effects vs. its efficacy. In other words, is the surgery worth it? Does it work to make life easier for you?

For less invasive corrective measures for snoring and mild sleep apnea, visit

4. Lingualplasty and midline glossectomy

lingual plasty sleep apnea surgeryThese surgery options involve removing the back of the tongue. In doing so, the tongue becomes smaller in size and hence does not block the flow of air among people with sleep apnea.

5. Hyoid Suspension

This procedure widens the breathing space within the lower part of the throat. The U-shaped bone in the neck called the hyoid bone provides a base support to the tongue and other structures of the throat including epiglottis.

Hyoid suspension entails pulling forward the hyoid bone and securing it in place. So how does Hyoid suspension for sleep apnea compare to the other surgeries? It is seen as generally less effective.

6. Turbinate Reduction and Septoplasty

These surgical procedures open up the nasal passage to enhance the air flow. On one hand, Septoplasty straightens a deviated nasal septum or a bent (a divider which separates the two sides of the nose). While on the other, Turbinate reduction removes or reduces curved structures which stick out from the side of the nose. Also, medication can help reduce turbinate size.

How Deviated Septum and Blocked Nasal Airways Aggravate Snoring and Sleep Apnea

A deviated septum arises when the septum is moved to one side of the nose. A septoplasty surgery takes between 30 – 90 minutes to complete. You will be under anesthesia, depending on what the doctor decides.

Typically, the surgical procedure for deviated septum involves the following steps:

Step 1 – Anesthesia
Step 2 – The incision
Step 3 – Mucosal lining separation
Step 4 – Deviated septum correction
Step 5 – Closing the incision
Step 6 – See the results

How To Volunteer, Work and Live Abroad Without Much Money

volunteer abroad in exchange for a room and meals Do you want to travel abroad and live there without much money? Then the best way to do that is to volunteer for work assignments in areas of high need.

Thus, you will get to enjoy some free meals and free room for your stay while you get to experience a new land. So, even without much money, you will be able to live abroad and travel to have fun. You can register as a volunteer and get work  in exchange for their taking care of your basic needs, and maybe even a monetary allowance, as well as valuable life and language learning experience.

What You Can Do, Right Now to Volunteer Abroad for (Practically) Free

You can volunteer yourself for working in some of the areas that are in high need. Thus, the recipients of your efforts will also get what they want and too will be more successful, because of your help.

Some of the most common areas that you can volunteer for are:

best volunteer opportunities for living abroadEnglish Teacher In Small Schools: There are many poor countries all over the world with small schools that would love for you to just speak English to their students. Due to lesser resources, they cannot always afford to hire English teachers for their schools.

You can volunteer to teach English in these small schools. You can even receive a small amount of money in exchange, along with a place to live and maybe even 2 or 3 meals a day.

This will be really helpful for the society as well as for you living abroad, giving you a very unique life and work experience to remember forever and shape your personality.

Farm Helper In Europe, Asia or South America: If you want to live abroad in Europe, there are many countryside areas where farming is the people’s primary occupation. Farmers often want a helper for them who is young and energetic to help them with farming. In exchange, you can ask for a free room to stay along with free meals. Plus you’ll learn the value of eco farming and being a vital part of the food supply.

Working At A Hostel: You can also volunteer to work at a hostel in a particular country. Hostels need a lot of volunteers to help them with different tasks. In exchange they provide a room in the hostel along with 2 meals per day. This can be also a great opportunity for you.

Also see: A Veteran Answers the Question: Should You Join the US Military in 2018?

How To Volunteer Abroad with Workaway.Info reviews

For volunteering for such opportunities, you can visit a reliable website that offers such options. is one of the most respected websites where you can register yourself as a volunteer and they will offer you various matches for countries and hosts that need helpers. They provide you with various options from different parts of the world where you can apply as a volunteer, and you simply contact them by online message.

If the $36 per year fee to be a member sounds too expensive, just remember that there are more than 30,000 active hosts from over 170 countries looking for a helping hand. You can volunteer for those hosts and share your languages, skills and culture with the local communities. Get involved with interesting projects by different communities and families.

This can also bring an excellent opportunity for you to learn various interesting things about other communities and their cultures, all while building a stellar resume for future charity or bonus points and something valuable to share in your next job interview.

Traveling Abroad on the Cheap

So, if you are planning to live abroad without much money you can simply register yourself as a volunteer to get free meals and free room. Thus, you do not have to think about affording an accommodation or food when you are living abroad. This can also help you to expand your knowledge about other places, their communities and cultures. You also get an opportunity to utilize your skills in spreading your culture and teaching English to the world.

Register yourself today as a volunteer and start browsing through thousands of options all across the globe. You can work for schools, farms, NGOs, family and also for the welfare of animals. Choices are wide and varied allowing you to choose the work you love.

Bed Bug Bites? Here’s what you can do to get rid of bedbugs yourself

bed bug bites on neck and face photoDo you have bed bugs at your home? Do you want to know how they got there?

bed bug photoBed bugs are the peskiest of tiny nocturnal creatures. They can make their way to your home through multiple ways, from visiting a friend’s house, staying in a seedy motel or a 5-star hotel, and even (gulp) hospitals. You can also come into their contact while using the public transport like the bus or train.

Moreover, they can hide practically anywhere. You can find bed bugs in your furniture, bed and box spring, even in your clothes. So basically, being alive puts you at risk to come into contact with bed bugs.

Signs of bed bug bites

Bed bug bites are not considered that harmful, mostly just annoying and unsightly. Some people do not react to those bites too harshly and other itch like the blazes. Many of the bed bug bites and rashes might disappear on their own within a week. These bites do not look different from the mosquito bites, occasional allergic rashes, or hives.

treatment for bed bug bites rash and itchSome say bed bugs bites look a lot like raised red welts. You might have the burning and itching sensation as well as it’s usually a cluster of 10 or more bites in a localized area on the body.

If you are getting these bites more and more frequently then it is important to treat the bites and prevent bed bugs period. Moreover, you need to know what will kill bed bugs once and for all, and fast to avoid long restless nights that have a detrimental effect on your performance.

get rid of bed bugs yourselfMany people pick up bed bugs in their hotel when traveling. This is becoming a massive worldwide problem.

How to treat the bed bug bites

Now you know the signs of bed bug bites, which means it’s time to treat those nasty bed bug bites. As mentioned earlier, these bites might go automatically without any treatment within a couple of days. But if you have multiple bites, pus, oozing, blisters, or any other sign of severe allergic infection, then you need to visit your doctor.

Your physician will do a physical exam and will prescribe some lotion and medication depending on the severity of the condition. If there are only rashes and raised red welts, you can consider the following home treatment after you learn how to get rid of bed bugs yourself:

Wash your bites with soapy water. This will prevent any infection and will also be helpful to get rid of the itching and discomfort caused by the bite. If you still have itching, you can apply the corticosteroid cream on the affected area. You should be able to get this cream without a prescription OTC. Aloe vera gel or natural gels containing menthol can provide relief as well.

Bed bug prevention and treatment are the only solution

These are just a few things that you can consider to treat the bed bug bites. But the most important thing is to prevent or eliminate the infestation. A good place to start is by de-cluttering your entire apartment or house, and clearing out all the crap from underneath the bed.

A Special Treat for Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters from

starting-a-dog-sitting-or-dog-walking-business-from-homeSo you’ve decided to be a dog walker or dog sitter and make some extra cash, or maybe even start a serious work-from-home business involving starting your own home based doggy daycare, and now you’re looking for tips on how to make life easier for yourself, and how to maximize your income.

Well, this article is just for you in that case. Today, we’re going to show you how you can walk a dog without the use of your hands, thus freeing up your hands for other things as well as inhibiting the dogs you walk from pulling you and dragging you around town.

We’re also going to show you how to have your own independent doggy business away from so that you are not dependent on a shady organization that issues half-assed apologies to the dog owners who’ve had their beloved pets die in the custody of an inexperienced or incompetent Rover sitter (we know this isn’t you), the same that, if they suspect you of any foul play or getting business outside of their app, will punish you by dropping you in the search on itself.

Making Dog Walking Great Again

Dogs have a mind of their own. They don’t mean any harm when they see a squirrel or cat and instinctively take off after it. It’s nothing personal against you. However, it can still be quite annoying, or worse, it can cause you to drop the dog’s leash and it get away, or run out in traffic thus endangering itself and the public at large.

So aside from building a 6th sense for the spontaneous decisions of the dog you’re walking, what can you do? Are you aware that there are hands free dog leashes out there which ensure that no matter what you do, the dog cannot get away?

For example, the Good Hound hands free dog leash for running on Amazon has been hailed by professional dog walkers as being just what they needed to secure Fido during a walk.

Using to Get More Customers for Your Doggy Daycare Business, Not Getting Used Yourself is not a great, friendly, loving organization. They play favorites, they go around to local towns and attempt to shut down pre-existing home doggy daycares- all so they can get a bigger market share. So how do you think they’ll treat you as an independent contractor when push comes to shove?

If you can read between the lines, then you’ll be less likely to get abused by while being able to benefit from their marketing/sales funnel in the beginning to build your clientele list if you know how to play your cards right. strategies to get business and eventually graduate completely from their service

1. User to get your first customers. This means filling out your profile as completely as possible on Rover. Putting up happy pictures of you with dogs, showing your home in pictures, as well as doing your homework to demonstrate an advanced knowledge of dog care is going to attract more customers.

——–> Pro Tip: Before you upload any pictures to, create a folder on your computer and put the photos there first. Then go into the folder and rename the pictures “Dog Sitter “, “Dog Walker “, etc. (This is going to go along way for you on the website code level, as well as help you when you make your own basic website to get dog sitting business outside of, which is super important for long term success)

2. Never contact your customers through the website or app and tell them that they can simply pay you in cash. Never ever do this. watches and monitors ALL messages on their app and service and they will strike you down with a vengeance, if not completely eliminate your account if they suspect you are taking them out of the transaction. THAT INCLUDES YOUR CELL PHONE AND SPECIAL ROVER NUMBER USED TO SEND TEXTS

——–> Pro Tip: Make business cards with your phone number and website name to hand out to regular customers, and offer a discount for direct payment outside of Keep all your communications through your own phone or cell number, outside of’s app or site. However, inform them that they cannot talk about such things on itself to you and let them know that both they and you will be kicked off the site for such behavior, and if they ever send you a message on saying they want to pay you in cash, always decline and act like you don’t know what they are talking about.

3. Build a simple website, much like this blog. Connect it to Google Places/Business for free to get a search engine boost for your local area when people search for dog sitters and dog boarding.

——–> Pro Tip: Invest in a guide that shows you how to build a simple website and take the road least traveled by most existing sitters. Doing that little bit extra is going to give you a massive advantage in the long run. Like this one: Move Over, Rover! Guide to Starting a Dog Sitting or Dog Walking Business

Visit this site regarding reviews that teaches you all the steps on how to build the most successful dog boarding and dog sitting business on your own.

We hope these dog walking and dog sitting tips help you. This comes from our years of experience dealing with and their scumbag lawyers, hearing the stories of sitters who are being harassed for not giving their souls over to for life and choosing to be more independent and therefore, independently wealthy.

Most people who start a home based dog sitting or dog walking business seek more freedom, not to be tethered to another dishonest and abusive employer. We wish you all the success and cash in the world in your dog sitting and walking business.

Tempur Pedic Mattress Reviews

comfortable tempur pedic mattress with free shippingIn the last few years, many companies have launched a variety of mattresses but the one that has become most famous is the Tempur Pedic mattress. It ensures you an experience, a peaceful sleep that you must not have enjoyed ever until now

What Makes Tempur Pedic Mattress the Best Bed for the Buck?

There are various factors that combine to make the Tempur mattresses different and the best.

Adaptability – these mattresses are known for conforming to the weight and shape of your body. Unlike various other materials that offer a similar characteristic but deteriorate in quality soon, the Tempur mattresses make sure you enjoy this feature for years and years.

Durable – the material of which the mattresses are made are highly durable and thus you will get to enjoy sleeping on our favorite Tempur mattress for very long.

Temperature regulation – the mattresses respond to the temperature of your body and regulate cold and heat thus creating a perfect sleeping environment.

Pressure point relief –the two main reasons when your pressure points press against your mattress. However, as Tempur Pedic conforms to the shape and weight of your body the chances of you experiencing such discomfort is negligible.

How Are the Tempur Mattresses Made and from what materials?

The Tempur Pedic mattresses have a top cover and five different layers. The top cover can be zipped off for replacing or washing and is durable and soft.

Smart Climate System – it is s two-layer construction which ensures you enjoy comfort throughout the night.

Comfort Layer – crafted out of extremely soft TEMPUR-ES material it determines the feel of the mattress and works together with the support layer to offer personalized support and comfort.

Response Layer – crafted out of TEMPUR-Response material, it distributes your body weight evenly offering you the support you require.

Dynamic Support Layer – made of densely placed, innovative precision coils, it works together with the Response layer to properly react to the movement of your body.

Base Layer – this is the base for the above layers and also helps disperse heat from the Tempur mattress.

Just think how far we’ve come as humanity from sleeping on piles of leaves to the mattresses of today.

Tempur Pedic Mattress Review

Now, let us get to learn about a few Tempur mattresses that have already become immensely popular in 2018.

TEMPUR – Cloud Prima Medium-Soft Mattress

The cloud line is comparatively affordable and makes sure you enjoy a restful sleep experience. All thanks to its SmartClimate system, even if you are on a budget you still will enjoy using a foam that will not overheat. Though this model is quite soft it is still firm. Like most of the Tempur mattresses, this one two is available in varying sizes.

TEMPUR – Contour Supreme Firm Mattress

This is the firmest model and also the most expensive one. Be sure your needs will be met perfectly with this supreme firm mattress. It is perfect for those who have the problem of back pain as the mattress adapts to your body the ideal way. You can use this model on an adjustable base, and keep your mattress firm and soft where needed.

TEMPUR-Cloud Soft Loft Mattress

If you want a mattress that is soft and supportive at the same time then this will be ideal for you. It is gentle compared to the other options, yet easily conforms to anyone’s body. The comfort layer of this mattress is thicker and can thus relieve pressure on the body. You can get this mattress in sizes including California king, king, queen, and full.

Tempur-Pedic Pricing and Delivery

The price of the Tempur mattresses ranges from $1,299 to $8,599. The mattresses are not compressed but wrapped in plastic while shipping. Tempur-Pedic delivers their mattresses to each of the 50 states and charges a delivery fee of $25. The delivery charges include assembling the mattress in your home, packing the waste, and removing your old mattress.

For a less pricey alternative, the DreamCloud luxury plush cooling memory foam pillow top mattress with free delivery is a standout pick for 2018 and beyond as one of the top new beds in a box.

To Conclude –

Tempur Pedic mattresses may be a little expensive compared to some other mattresses available, but the kind of comfort it offers and its high durability makes it worth the purchase. You also have various options, so you can easily choose the one that matches both your needs and your budget, and enjoy a perfect night’s sleep always.

Solutions to Common Dog Behavior Problems: Barking, Separation Anxiety, Pulling on Leash, etc.

training dog to stop pulling on leashSome of the most common dog behavior problems which include barking, begging, pulling on the leash, urinating indoors, whining, separation anxiety, aggressive behavior, can all be solved with a few minor adjustments in your dog’s routine.

Today we’re going to show you some common dog behavior problems and how you can train your dog to behave better.

Stopping Common Dog Behavior Problems: Barking

Barking is the universal canine neighborhood annoyance that’s guaranteed to have your neighbors or your landlord regretting having to deal with you and your dog. Dogs bark for many common reasons: they are protecting the homeland, and are treating strangers as strange which according to Plato’s Republic, is the sign of a proper dog.

Common Dog Behavior Issues: Separation Anxiety


Does your dog lose its mind when you leave it alone for even a few hours? Ever come home to a complete set of broken coffee cups? Then your dog and mine could probably hang out. Separation anxiety in dogs is very common, and it’s really a matter of conditioning and training your dog to be comfortable even when you’re not present, or when it’s left all by itself at home.

More Common Negative Behaviors in Dogs: Biting


Biting is one of the quickest way to not make friends for your dog. Beside being embarrassing, it can actually be downright dangerous to others and other dogs as well. It’s going to be very important to remove the desire to bite people or other dogs as soon as possible.

Bad Doggy Behaviors: Pulling on Leash


One great way to stop a dog’s tendency to pull on the leash is with a retractable hands free dog leash. With a bungee cord material, the hands free harness distributes the tension of sudden dog movements evenly along the leash so that the dog cannot effectively jerk you around.

dog behavior problems: no pull leashBesides that you can make sure your dog learns to stop until you are ready to go, and stay with you at all times. If it gets distracted or wants to sniff everything in sight, learn to balance spontaneous stops during your walk that allows your dog to sniff and mark with a steady walking pace.

For dogs, they love to be out walking- but they will want to stop and smell what’s new with the community dogs stirring about. I compare dogs sniffing street corners and light poles to humans checking their facebook notifications.

Dog Marking Its Territory

The best way to prevent your dog from excessive marking or marking on furniture is to stop it mid-act. This way it associates a powerful emotional message which your dog can clearly understand that this behavior is not acceptable. Allowing dogs the freedom to mark outdoors could alleviate any negative indoors tendencies, finding the balance between domesticated dog and completely feral beast.

Understanding the Crypto Currency Lingo – FUD, HODL, FOMO & Moonshots Explained

bitcoin lingoJust like every sub-culture, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin have their own lingo, their own slang- their own code within a code, if you will. Today we’re going to equip you with the most common phrases and acronyms that will make your journey into Bitcoin that much easier and more enjoyable.

FOMO – The Fear of Missing Out

FOMO is the fear of missing out

The fear of missing out is something that drives many crypto traders into buying coins at all time highs, instead of waiting for pullbacks and dips in price to enter a position into a certain coin. This usually results in people “holding bags” which means you’re holding a position now at a loss from when you bought.

I know it’s easy to see a coin making 60% gains in one day and think that if you don’t buy some now, you will have missed the boat. But chances are, there will be a price retraction in the days and weeks to follow, so the smart thing to do would be to add the coin to your radar and then decide in a week or 2 if the price is right to buy.

HODL – Hold On for Dear Life


Most traders know what it means to hold. But to hold on to dear life is something else. This means that as a crypto currency investor, you are adopting the concept of holding through good times- and bad. It is the “HODL” mentality that will help you survive those crypto market moments when everything in your coin portfolio takes a 40% dive. Because this is when the newbies sell out of panic, then a few months later, the market is at a new high and the people who held on and hung tough will enjoy the gains, while those who walked away did so at a monetary loss.

Remember: you don’t lose unless you sell. This is why you only invest that which you’re willing to lose in the first place.

FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

korea fud shakes crypto market

In the course of your crypto currency investing journey, you’re going to be hit with a barrage of news. Much of this news will be bad. It will be broadcasted by ignorant “journalists” in the mainstream media who not only hate Bitcoin, but seek at some level to destroy it and make it appear not to be a viable investment. The thing is, they’ve been doing this for many years, and it has not stopped Bitcoin one iota.

Additionally, even China’s government making Bitcoin illegal has not killed the price. In late summer of 2017 China announced it would be outlawing Bitcoin, which led to a 30% drop in Bitcoin’s price, which it more than made up for when it skyrocketed another 500% in November/December of 2017.

So remember, even temporary bad press and negative news stories which result in fear, uncertainty and doubt may only lead to a short-term drop in price, which if you are in the HODL gang, that just means a buying opportunity!


bitcoin moonshot to the moon

You will hear many people exclaiming  “…to the Moon!!!”. This is because people are hoping the price of the crypto coin they’re most heavily invested in does indeed shoot up to the moon.

People often take the moonshot concept and use the word “moon” as a verb. You will hear people saying “Tron will moon in 2018” or “Cardano is mooning right now”. This just means a massive uptick in price.


ryan hildreth is crypto fanboy

These are the cheerleaders and resident shill-men (or women) of any certain coin. These types will get on YouTube and try to convince you to buy their favorite coin, cloud mining contract, or even in the case of recently shuttered BitConnect- ponzi scheme.

Beware of crypto fanboys. They do not have your best interests at heart. Also, as a crypto investor, you must learn to take a detached view of every investment you make. Some investments in crypto currency coins are better than others, but you’re never married to any one coin.

Read The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin and Crypto Alt Coin Investing here

Here are some sites that I use to buy and sell crypto currencies which I highly recommend:

Buy $100 in Bitcoin on Coinbase, get $10 in free Bitcoin.

Sign up to the Binance exchange here and start buying/selling Bitcoin and other hot crypto currencies.

When Dog Walkers and Dog Sitters Hurt or Lose Your Pet, or Get Lost in the Woods for a Week and Almost Die

Dog Walker Slips and Falls in the Woods, Loses Dog and Blacks Out

She was admittedly not prepared for a walk in the woods that day. She brought no treats, no water, none of her normal supplies. It took a search and rescue team to locate her after 3 days of being missing. She fell down on a log, saying that she had not wore the right footwear, and knocked herself out, then lost a dog named Bubba. Around the time she could not find her phone or the dog Bubba, she decided to sit it out in the forest come nightfall on Eagle Mountain, hoping her husband would set out and search for her.

On the 2nd day she was able to locate Bubba but was disoriented, and attempted to find her way back. Her attempts to get back to her car were met with a continued state of being lost and feeling deep despair. The dogs were cold and looking to her for leadership, and she had no answers.

Eventually she spotted a SAR helicopter circling above but was not able to get their attention. In her video where she describes the experience, she even calls the SAR helicopter crew “dumbass” because they could not see her. All this from a person putting the lives of others and the dogs she was caring for at risk, spending the taxpayer’s dollar, and then expecting people to feel sorry for her.

When Dog Walkers and Dog Sitters Hurt or Lose Your Pet

New Jersey Dog Owner Sues Pet Sitter After Dog Loses Eye in Vicious Attack from Other Dog Under Her Care

In a standard and easily preventable tragedy, one dog attacked another when the Maltese/Shih Tzu mix attempted to eat some of the attacking dog’s food. The dog was seriously injured after losing an eye. The dog owner was regretful, saying she wish she had never taken that vacation, but I don’t think that’s fair.

Dog sitting business owners must understand that you have to separate dogs when there is food present.

dog sitting mistakesThis is also why it’s so important for a dog sitter to have insurance and also to have some type of training on their resume when opening a dog sitting or dog walking business. This means either you spend an entire weekend researching YouTube videos and Google searching how to be a dog sitter, or you can simply follow the already prepared guide at this site which gives you all the necessary basic information on pet sitting, but also actually helps dog sitters and dog walkers build a sustainable and growing business based on premium customer service and customer loyalty, not taking on too many dogs of different sizes irresponsibly and letting them maul each other until one dog gets seriously hurt.