Bow Wow Luau and the Cat’s Meow Gala Hits Thalian Hall May 18th

Living in Wilmington’s vibrant South Central district means you’re never far from the action.

And of course, May 18 will be no different, especially for animal lovers.

Heidi’s Hope For Homeless Animals is having its annual gala at Thalian Hall featuring authentic Polynesian dancers and a spirited auction that goes towards helping homeless dogs and cats find a home.

Tickets are $60 and must be purchased in advance through the Thalian Hall box office at 910-632-2285.

From Heidi’s Hope to Beyond, Wilmington Just Plain Loves Dogs

For dog lovers and folks looking to expand their pet owner social circle, Wilmington’s a downright dog-gone favorite. But what exactly makes Cape Fear such a pet sanctuary and destination?

  • Leash Law Lite: Wilmington has a relaxed leash law in some areas. While leashes are generally required, certain parks have designated off-leash zones where pups can frolic freely. Check out popular spots like Greenfield Park or Ogden Park for leash-free fun.
  • Brews, Beans, and Beagles: Wilmington boasts a thriving craft brewery scene, and many breweries are pup-friendly. Grab a pint and enjoy some patio time with your furry companion at Front Street Brewery or Flytrap Brewing. Or start your day with a pup-acchino (dog-safe whipped cream!) at Java Dog, a coffee shop designed specifically for dog lovers.
  • Beach Bonanza and Park Paradise With Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach nearby, Wilmington offers water-loving pups a chance to splash and play. While leash laws apply during peak season, some beaches allow off-leash fun during designated hours. For parks, take a scenic stroll through Airlie Gardens, check out Long Leaf Park or explore the trails at Halyburton Park, all while enjoying quality time with your four-legged friend.

From leash-law flexibility to pup-friendly businesses, Wilmington strives to be a city where both humans and their furry companions can live happy and fulfilled lives.

But what about your furry best friend when you’re out and about or apart?

Local dog sitting and walking service understands the hustle and bustle of city life. That’s why we offer stress-free pet drop-in visits Wilmington NC at your home, ensuring your pup (or kitty!) gets the love and attention they need while you’re busy.

dog sit walk Wilmington NC drop in visits

Whether you’re away at the gala, on a weekend trip out of town, or stuck in the office during the week, we’re here for you (and your pet).

More Than Just Walks: Peace of Mind for South Central Paws

Maybe you’re grabbing a beer at Dram Tree Tavern or checking out the latest exhibit at the Cape Fear Museum. With our drop-in visits, your pet gets a familiar, comfortable environment, unlike traditional doggy daycare. We customize each visit to your pet’s needs, whether it’s a midday potty break, playtime in your backyard, or just some good old-fashioned cuddle time.

Keeping Your Pet Healthy: Vets We Love in South Central

Speaking of customization, we understand that every pet has unique needs. If your furry friend requires a vet visit while you’re away, we’re happy to work with your preferred veterinarian. Wilmington NC is lucky to have some fantastic options, like and Sandy Paws and La Croix Pet Care. These clinics are known for their compassionate care and top-notch service.

Wilmington’s Future: Exciting News for Pet Lovers

Looking ahead, Wilmington’s pet scene continues to brighten! The plans for a brand new dog park near Legion Stadium are generating plenty of tail wags. We can’t wait to see this space become a hub for furry socialization and playtime.

Let Us Be Your South Wilmington Pet Sitting Partner

Want to learn more about how Dog Sit Walk can ensure your pet thrives while you’re busy exploring all that South Central Wilmington has to offer? Visit our website to learn more about our services and book your first visit today!

Remember, a happy pet means a happy pet parent, and we’re here to help you achieve that peace of mind, no matter how busy your life gets!

Or, if you’re going out of town with your pet, check out these doggy traveling tips.





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