How To Volunteer, Work and Live Abroad Without Much Money

volunteer abroad in exchange for a room and meals Do you want to travel abroad and live there without much money? Then the best way to do that is to volunteer for work assignments in areas of high need.

Thus, you will get to enjoy some free meals and free room for your stay while you get to experience a new land. So, even without much money, you will be able to live abroad and travel to have fun. You can register as a volunteer and get work  in exchange for their taking care of your basic needs, and maybe even a monetary allowance, as well as valuable life and language learning experience.

What You Can Do, Right Now to Volunteer Abroad for (Practically) Free

You can volunteer yourself for working in some of the areas that are in high need. Thus, the recipients of your efforts will also get what they want and too will be more successful, because of your help.

Some of the most common areas that you can volunteer for are:

best volunteer opportunities for living abroadEnglish Teacher In Small Schools: There are many poor countries all over the world with small schools that would love for you to just speak English to their students. Due to lesser resources, they cannot always afford to hire English teachers for their schools.

You can volunteer to teach English in these small schools. You can even receive a small amount of money in exchange, along with a place to live and maybe even 2 or 3 meals a day.

This will be really helpful for the society as well as for you living abroad, giving you a very unique life and work experience to remember forever and shape your personality.

Farm Helper In Europe, Asia or South America: If you want to live abroad in Europe, there are many countryside areas where farming is the people’s primary occupation. Farmers often want a helper for them who is young and energetic to help them with farming. In exchange, you can ask for a free room to stay along with free meals. Plus you’ll learn the value of eco farming and being a vital part of the food supply.

Working At A Hostel: You can also volunteer to work at a hostel in a particular country. Hostels need a lot of volunteers to help them with different tasks. In exchange they provide a room in the hostel along with 2 meals per day. This can be also a great opportunity for you.

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How To Volunteer Abroad with Workaway.Info reviews

For volunteering for such opportunities, you can visit a reliable website that offers such options. is one of the most respected websites where you can register yourself as a volunteer and they will offer you various matches for countries and hosts that need helpers. They provide you with various options from different parts of the world where you can apply as a volunteer, and you simply contact them by online message.

If the $36 per year fee to be a member sounds too expensive, just remember that there are more than 30,000 active hosts from over 170 countries looking for a helping hand. You can volunteer for those hosts and share your languages, skills and culture with the local communities. Get involved with interesting projects by different communities and families.

This can also bring an excellent opportunity for you to learn various interesting things about other communities and their cultures, all while building a stellar resume for future charity or bonus points and something valuable to share in your next job interview.

Traveling Abroad on the Cheap

So, if you are planning to live abroad without much money you can simply register yourself as a volunteer to get free meals and free room. Thus, you do not have to think about affording an accommodation or food when you are living abroad. This can also help you to expand your knowledge about other places, their communities and cultures. You also get an opportunity to utilize your skills in spreading your culture and teaching English to the world.

Register yourself today as a volunteer and start browsing through thousands of options all across the globe. You can work for schools, farms, NGOs, family and also for the welfare of animals. Choices are wide and varied allowing you to choose the work you love.

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