Dogs I Met Along the Way – Epilogue from the New Book “Just Go Man”

“Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide ‘Pandemic'”

It’s true, I’m a dog lover. To be honest, I prefer dogs to people, and I’d say a lot of times, dogs are actually the best people. This is dedicated to the ones I’ve met and spent time with along the way.

First there was Rocky, the Boxer from my childhood. We were about the same age growing up together. We would sometimes hide under the table together when I was around 3 – 5 years old, and I always remember him being there until we had him put to sleep due to serious medical issues, pain and suffering when we were both 10 years old.

I didn’t have a dog for a long time after that, it would actually be 25 more years until I’d have my own, so the next dog I’ll have to mention’s name is Billy. Billy was a little Jack Russell Terrier in Los Angeles who got picked up as a stray, and the young lady I would eventually end up seeing took him in.

The first night this young lady and I were making it together on the couch, Billy ran up behind me and bit me straight on the sack, not too hard but then not too soft either. I naturally jumped out of pain and surprise, but continued my process with a weary eye after that, which he never tried again. I guess for a dog, seeing the rear-view of a spectacle like that could be interpreted as some type of attack, and he was going straight for the perceived source to end it.

In the couple of years I saw this lady, we’d go to the beach together and Billy always really enjoyed it. The waves of the ocean rolling up, he’d run around like a crazy and of course I’d join in and try to race him. To be honest sometimes I would take Billy to run uphill sprints with me as part of one of my workouts, and he always did a good job.

One day at the beach a big German Shepherd ran over to me near the water and started barking at me. Billy came from out of nowhere and ran in between us and jumped at the other dog and started barking, and the big dog backed off and left. Billy was a fearless protector and I admire him greatly for it.

After I ditched my apartment in Los Angeles in September of 2014 and decided to just go camping and live out of my car to save money and work on my online business, I started to get pretty lonely and depressed, traveling from town to town, camping in state parks and getting a hotel room when it was winter or if it was too cold, even one time finding a temporary roommate in Washington State on CraigsList.

I stayed for a week in the mountains just south of Palm Springs in California in the state park there. One day I walked into the local feed supply and pet store to inquire if they had any diatomaceous earth for use on bugs, as at the time I was doing internet marketing and learning all about this natural insect killer for its use on bed bugs. Apparently that’s a big thing and a major issue for people these days so it’s a high-demand market and industry.

When I was walking into the store, a white dog with a big brown spot on his side jumped up at the outside gate next to the store’s entry and barked at me. It was a nasty and startling bark. I stepped back a little bit apprehensively. I looked over and this dog was staring right at me, but he appeared to be smiling and he had a sparkle in his big dark eyes- the look of a benevolent pirate.

The shopkeeper told me they didn’t have any diatomaceous earth, so I said “ok, well how much for the dog out there?”. The lady was a little shocked at the question, but we started to talk and before you know it, I found out the dog was a stray and had been picked up by the business owner, whose main business was making organic beef-based raw dog food.

The owner had been picking up strays and keeping them in his spare room/garage of his shop, since he was a dog lover too and also a former Marine. I met him later that day and we chatted. He agreed to let me have the dog if I agreed to feed him raw dog food (raw beef or chicken) and came back the next day, so I did. He gave me about a week’s worth of his special food which was awesome.

He was very knowledgeable about dogs and what they should be eating. He explained to me that years of working in the veterinary field produced an understanding in him that most store-bought, dried dog food was garbage. It was unhealthy and the cause of a lot of health issues that dogs face, especially in old age.

The funniest part was when he was explaining that raw food for dogs produces the best, most natural dog poop (without odor or lots of gross texture), he picked up some chalky white pieces of something off the side counter and said “see, this is what a dog’s poop looks like when they eat raw” as he held the dog shit up to me. I had to contain myself to keep from busting out laughing, but it was cool to see the guy so enthused and I truly believed in what he was saying.

So, my newfound dog and I left that day, hopped into my white 3 series BMW and headed down the mountain. My new dog was not fond of the car ride, sitting in the front seat and bouncing around as we headed down the mountain. I would eventually name him Printz, a play on words for the word Prince and Prints, as he had a few distinct markings on him, being part Dalmatian and part hound, and I thought well “we’ll leave our footprints all over the world” which is a song I was listening to at the time by Tiesto,. Also, technically by calling him Prince that would make me King, so it all sounded good to me.

What’s really interesting is that Printz and I would eventually end up back in the first coastal town of California where I tried out my voluntary homelessness that first night in late in September 2014 in Arroyo Grande, and while driving along the streets there, I saw a street named Printz and thought it was an apt conclusion to a chapter in my life.

When I lost Printz in May of 2018, I spent several months after that on drug benders and basically coming a thread away from giving up on life altogether. I had lost my best friend and my brother, who in many ways was even like a son to me. He was my world. All my plans of escaping what I believed (turned out, correctly) to be a coming social upheaval/unrest situation in America came to a crashing end as I lost whom I considered was my only real family in this world.

I believe that I will see Printz again and be with him for eternity, so for now I just had to find a reason to live life again and realize even my own life is not my own, and that I have no right to end it because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to.

I could probably write books alone on my adventures with Printz: the good times, the bad times, the fun times and the hard times. Maybe I will someday, but for now, that will have to wait.

After Printz’s disappearance, I found myself looking for reasons to live, to help anyone, to feel better, to feel something- anything. I eventually created an opportunity where I gave my time and energy to visiting and creating resources for language study as well as buying school supplies for a bunch of kids at a very small school on the outskirts of Phnom Penh.

For the next few months, I tried to help out the best ways I knew how, and the teacher at the school was able to use the learning materials I produced to sell to her students as well as hang the reference materials up in her classroom. I was proud that the educator at a school saw the value in it- and used it to make money off of too in order to support her school and keep it open.

Some time went by but my travels in Asia had concluded and I set off to Russia. In Moscow I looked up animal shelters and saw there was one located about 5 miles from my hotel/apartment and very close to their main media center there, where the “Telecenter Tower” is located. I went there to volunteer one day hoping I could get to walk some dogs and show them some love.

Volunteering at the dog shelter in Moscow was tough psychologically and emotionally, but of course it is a million times worse for the dogs there than it was for me. This is simply the nature of locking up stray dogs and putting them in little holding cells most of the day. They may rarely see grass or trees. All they know is that they were locked up and are being confined. Some are angry, most are scared and confused.

I couldn’t help but feel strong sadness for these dogs. I wanted to express to them “You did nothing wrong to be here. There’s nothing wrong with you.” So I just tried to show them as much love as possible, walking up and down the lines of dogs and talking to them, saying hello, giving them treats and petting the ones who’d allow it.

The animal shelter being Russian, the dogs had some interesting names. In one cell there was a big dog named Beethoven who looked just like the dog from the movie Beethoven. Beethoven’s cell mate was a Dobermann Pinscher named, can you guess? Shakespeare. Shakespeare rarely came out of the cell even when the door was open as he was afraid- understandable. Beethoven would come out but he didn’t like me too much after one day I tried to give him a hug on the trail when I was walking him. I think he thought I was a perv or maybe going to try to harm him, but we never got along after that.

There was another dog, a pretty old black and grey wiener dog mix named “Baba Ninu”, and she always had a sweet countenance and appreciated treats and being petted, but she didn’t want a collar and didn’t want to go for any walks. Another dog’s name was “Hercules” but he was one of the dogs that was really too scared of most people, but I worked on trying to reach him until he’d eventually let me give him treats and pet him.

Bart from the Moscow dog shelter
Chernij Bart from the Moscow dog shelter

My favorite of all was Bart. He was a midnight black dog of mid size, his breed I honestly have no idea but he looked like a small wolf. Bart, who I would later refer to as “Chernij Bart” (Chernij meaning “black” in Russian) because it sounded cool and it was like calling him “Black Bart” (the pirate), was one of the most special dogs in the whole shelter.

Bart was very reserved, as he was scared and not very trusting too. But he was one of the dogs there that could tolerate going for a walk out in the nearby park and he really enjoyed it. Many of the dogs at the shelter won’t even go for a walk outside even if you tried because they either don’t have a collar and/or won’t tolerate being put on a leash because it scares them too badly. But Bart, a complex soul, would go for a walk with you and his demeanor would totally change from quiet, scared and reserved to free and happy.

I’d take Bart out and we’d walk, but there was this one portion of the park where there was a long line of ground in between two parallel rows of trees, usually covered in fallen leaves so it was nice and soft. I’d always bust out into a sprint when we got to this part and Bart would happily race next to me, running fast until we got to the end and started walking again.

I think one of the tragedies of modern day dog ownership is that owners don’t run with their dogs enough. Dogs are great runners and will show you up with just how far and fast they can run, and they also make fantastic training partners.

Bart the dog from the shelter
Chernij Bart dancing in typical Russian style

One day after a run, I took Bart back to his cell and just chilled a moment. Bart started gulping down water as it was a hot day and Bart was not short on fur by any means. I knelt down to pet him and sweet talk him a little. He was sad but appreciative.

One of the paid workers there, mostly migrants from Kazakhstan who looked to be a few hundred years behind the rest of civilization and actually lived on-site in makeshift mobile home/bunk rooms, was sitting about 10 meters away, looking at me and Bart. He started snickering arrogantly and laughing at me, or Bart, or both of us. I guess in Kazakhstan they think it’s silly to love dogs, and this guy was throwing off some bad vibes. I didn’t appreciate it, but Bart appreciated it even less, and Bark started growling and barking at the guy.

Amazing. Bart was telling the guy to f*ck off basically, that Bart appreciated me hanging out with him and the friendship we had. It’s cool how dogs are able to feel compassion more than some humans and tell someone where they can go if they are hating. It was a sad day for me when I had to leave Bart.

Another dog I met that actually lived outside of the main dog cell block and with the handicapped or severely injured was an elderly dog whom the older lady volunteers at the shelter would eventually re-name in my honor- or maybe it was to make fun of me a little- Patrick.

Patrick was quite old and had trouble walking but he could do it, though it took him some time. I don’t know what kind of dog he was, but he was maybe the Russian version of some type of Labrador/Shepherd mix, orange-brown in color, and very pleasant and peaceful in demeanor.

I’d give Patrick lots of petting, treats, and hugs. I’d even take him for a walk in the park and he could manage, though sometimes after a short walk he’d be ready to return to base. That’s okay, I’m just glad I got him out of the house.

I did that for a little over a month before I had to leave onto St. Petersburg. My main goal was just to show the dogs some love. I didn’t have a dog any more, but maybe I could still make life better for a dog in a shelter. My hope was just to make them feel a little more normal and a little better, and maybe bring them some cheer.

Leaving was sad for many reasons, but especially the idea that I’d tried to help these dogs but now I had to go. For me life would continue, but for them they’d be stuck and have one less friend there advocating for them and trying to make them feel better. It was a depressing thought.

I was very surprised when about 3 months later, I woke up in Lithuania to an email from one of the volunteer ladies from the shelter. She informed me that Bart had found a home and been adopted. I was so surprised and grateful. You think when you leave after volunteering at an animal shelter, “Did I really do anything to make a difference? Did I really help the dogs or do anything real?”

But then one of the coolest and most deserving dogs at the shelter gets a forever home, and you understand that maybe you did help to make one dog happier, more peaceful, less stressed and maybe help bring them back to life, and that on days when you’re one of the only volunteers there, you’re helping the dogs maintain sanity, and eventually a person will come by and see a special guy like Bart and want to adopt him.

If all I did was help one dog, then it was worth it. I’m really grateful to God and the adopting family, may they be blessed. I hope Bart will hang out with me and Printz in Heaven. I think it will be a good time. Oh yeah, Beethoven got adopted too, even though he hated me.

In October of 2019, I was staying in a hotel on the east side of Minsk, Belarus in the area known as their version of Silicon Valley, which at the time of this writing, is under a bit of pressure considering the political climate in the country. The hotel was just like one of the others I had previously stayed at, same floor plan, layout, and everything- probably a relic of communism. You’ll find that in former communist countries some of the buildings, the toilets, and the rooms in the buildings are all the same.

The hotel had a nice inclusive breakfast of hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal, cold cuts and sliced vegetables and fruits, as well as unlimited coffee. The coffee machine even worked some of the time. To be honest, the paid fare in the evening from the kitchen was best, and more than a few times I ordered the “Dranniki”, which are potato pancakes with grilled meat, mushrooms, and plenty of gravy.

One morning I went outside in the adjacent parking lot with my jump rope for a workout. I did my usual routine of 10 sets of 1 minute reps wearing 2 pairs of socks, no shoes (believe me, it’s easier that way). When I was finished I walked over to the sidewalk and sat down to stretch. When I looked up, there was a large dog sitting about 10 yards from me, interested in my presence and looking at me curiously, but alertly.

Well sh*t, I’m screwed, I thought. The dog hadn’t quite signaled friendly intentions, but I stretched out my arm and lifted my hand up, still seated on the ground, fingers facing down and palm towards me, to let it know I was friendly and going to let it give me a sniff.

It approached very deliberately and slowly. I didn’t know if it was going to bite me or be receptive. Fortunately it came up to me, sniffed, still looking a bit solemn, and decided that I wasn’t a threat. She was a large shepherd type dog, blackish-grey in appearance, and appeared to be very independent, meaning the type of being who has been on their own for a while, if not mostly psychologically and emotionally.

I tried to get her to play a little bit, but she didn’t seem all that interested. Like many dogs who are strays or who balance their time outdoors and sleeping in a parking lot with a security guard shack, she seemed to have been through some hard times.

I made it a point to bring her some food out a few days later after breakfast, sneaking out some hard-boiled eggs with me. I fed them to her, but she spit out the egg whites and was only interested in the yolk. Well, it wasn’t much, but I decided I’d bring some cold-cuts next time. We walked around the area a bit, exploring the slightly wooded area in the rear of the hotel.

We walked over to the parking lot and I met one of the attendants, an older man who was pretty friendly and cool. I asked what the dog’s name was and he exclaimed “Princessa”. That was a nice name for her, I thought. Seeing how she liked to just sit or lay on the ground between cars in the lot, I thought she could use a blanket or something so I bought her one when I was at the Belarussian equivalent of Wal Mart that week and bid farewell when it was time for me to jet.

In November of 2019, I was in Kiev, Ukraine staying at an interesting hotel, to say the least, on the west side of the capitol of the country. You had to walk through a practical maze, both up stairs, then down stairs, within the same building, just to get to your room. There was no 24 hour front desk either. Before you actually got to the building’s entry, you had to walk down an alley way that fed into a back parking lot where there was a garage that would be open during the day for car repair, with a small security guard post in the corner. At the opposite end of the lot was a dog house and a large dog chained up who stayed outside every night, even during the freezing cold, did not get walked or much attention from what I could tell, and would bark angrily at anyone who passed by. The security guards, a couple of old guys, would treat you like a criminal when you walked by.

I felt really sorry for the dog so one day when I was shopping for food I bought him a big long sausage/salami roll. When I arrived in the lot near the hotel entrance, I stopped and started reaching into my bag as the dog barked at me, but then he stopped curiously when I told him “I got something for you”. One of the old men ran out and started yelling at me, questioning me. I can’t remember what I told him, I might of half-ignored him and half-smarted off to him, but I took the metal retaining piece off the end of the roll of meat and slid it all the way across the lot like I was bowling, and the dog looked to be as surprised as can be. He slowly walked up to the meat and began eating it. He never really barked at me much after that, but I felt really sorry for him anyway and made sure to point out on my hotel review of the business that someone was guilty of animal neglect and I didn’t recommend anyone else to stay there since they are ok with animal cruelty.

In January of 2020, I found myself just outside of Belgrade, Serbia in Zemun staying in a small 3-room house on a family’s property. The house was very small and not well-insulated or heated so I usually wore long pants, 2 pairs of socks and 2 jackets on top of 2 shirts while I was there.

Sure, it’s winter in Serbia and I’m freezing my butt off in this house, but at around $24/night it allowed me a lot of privacy and a place where I could work on music for a month.

A large, golden-colored Labrador/St. Bernard mix named “Medo” and a husky from next door would come and visit me regularly. The female Husky was hyper aggressive and likely insane, and she would constantly bother Medo to the point where she wasn’t playing at all, but just trying to attack and bother Medo to the point where she could get all the attention. She would also snap at me and would escalate if you tapped her on her nose for being too aggressive, so I would try to avoid dealing with her when possible.

I would let Medo into the small house I was staying at to get away from the Husky and to hang out with him a little. There was also a screen window on the large kitchen window in which a hole had been partially scratched or chewed out, and the hole only got larger in the month I stayed there. See, I had to open the window whenever I cooked meals because the kitchen had no other ventilation, so sure enough just about every time I made food old Medo would show up and perch his front paws up on the window sill and bark and look in, trying to get a sniff and hopefully a bite.

Me being a softy, I would throw a few bites of the egg, ham and chees omelette or the hamburger in the cheeseburger and Brussels sprout casserole I would often make out to Medo, and he would eat it quickly with delight.

What’s funny is the hole time, I didn’t even know it was the neighbor’s dog. I thought it was the property owner’s dog, but nope it belonged to the household next door. The fence on the property was only partial, and the property owner let the dogs run free back and forth to do as they chose. The owner’s dog would sometimes come down, an older, medium-small sized dog, but it would constantly get attacked and bothered by the crazy Husky most of the time.

Medo would check on me when I woke up, as I’d often share bits of a banana with him which he really enjoyed, and he’d come back in the afternoon to play some fetch with a stick. Then of course he’d make an appearance at dinner when he could smell what was cooking.

I started calling Medo “Honey Bear” as in Serbian, “medo” means honey and he was about as big as a bear, plus he was always up for some banana slices and he was pretty affectionate, though play time usually resulted in him wanting to gnaw anything in his face’s vicinity. This usually included the blanket on the bed in the spare bedroom of the house when I would sit with him and chill in there, and of course my arm when my hand was near his chompers.

One Saturday night he came over late and I was drinking Scotch. I am not really a big drinker but usually once a week in Serbia I’d down a bottle of Johnny Walker Red between a couple of nights as my only real form of partying. Old Honey Bear showed up and we hung out all night drinking, snacking away and just goofing off outside in the patio. Ok, I drank, he didn’t, but still.

3 am came around, and I was sleepy and tired so I just stumbled into the main bedroom to turn in for the night. Medo followed me in, but I said “sorry buddy, you can’t sleep in here”, so Medo just went to the spare bedroom and got into bed and went to sleep all by himself. It was funny because I woke up at about 6 or 7 am and thought maybe I should let him out of the house to go back to his family because they might be wondering where he was. Still it was humorous to me that Medo and I had been hanging out drinking all night and he just crashed at my place like a couple of regular dudes when it was time to sleep, and there was no lengthy decision making about sleeping arrangements, it was just sort of normal and happened.

Patrick after his 600 km hike in Dubrovnik, Croatia

It was sad the morning I left Serbia too, as Medo came around early that morning when it was still dark and my ride was picking me up to take me to the airport.

Dogs are incredibly sophisticated and sensitive, he saw me packing up my bags and getting ready to walk out the door and I could tell he knew I was going away, or that this was different from all the other times I had left the grounds and gone through the gate only to return a few hours later. There was something about his spirit that morning that revealed his concerned awareness of me leaving which touched my soul.

I got down and gave him a big hug and told him “I gotta go. God bless you buddy, I’ll see you in Heaven, Honey Bear.”


Just Go Man by Patrick Warren
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Blog: The Only Thing People Fear More Than Bed Bug Bites? Exterminators

bed bug eggs and bed bug crawling in the mattress

Surprise, surprise. The New York Times got it wrong, again.

A popularly held opinion and speculation by the mainstream media was telling us that due to the “pandemic” of 2020, people would not have to worry as much about the common and growing worldwide pest known as bed bugs this year, due to decreased travel.

And yet, exterminators have actually reported being busier in places like New Jersey due to bed bugs during the Covid quarantines, lock downs and shutdown of life as we once knew it.

That’s right, the all-knowing media whom we have grown to love and trust (sarcasm intended) are now saying that bed bug populations and bites have increased, because, if you can believe them, people are more reluctant to let professional pest control into their homes at a time when fear is reaching a fever pitch.

Bed Bug Bites Keeping People Awake at Night

Often times, people have no awareness that they’ve been bitten, as the bites usually cause no pain and are not dangerous. They’re usually discovered when people awake to large red bites in groups of 4 or 5 on their exposed skin from the night before, frequently bringing a nasty rash with them to wreak havoc on the epidermis and a bed bug victim’s mental health.

In addition to the discomfort they cause, they can cause unsightly welts, marks, and even leave scars if scratched and cause allergic reactions and an infection, though you won’t likely feel them biting you when it happens.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Usually bed bugs look brown but they can also appear to be black or white. If they appear white or clear in complexion, there’s a chance they just haven’t eaten a blood meal from a human host. They can bite your pets like dogs or cats, but it’s usually uncommon as they prefer waiting in your bedroom under your mattress or bed frame, then come out during the night to feast, preferring a nocturnal lifestyle.

They can come in all sizes, big and small. The large bed bugs, usually no bigger than the fingernail on your pinkie finger, are developed adults who have likely already bitten you, and finding them is the easiest, though it still requires a diligent search. The bed bug eggs are much harder to discover, and you’ll have to closely examine your bed and surrounding area, carefully inspecting for clusters in hard to reach- and see- areas.

Their bites are not contagious, but bed bugs will definitely hitchhike from one host to another, or travel between the shared walls of apartment buildings, making them extremely difficult when it comes time to effective removal and treatment. This is part of the reason why the cost of getting rid of bed bugs averages $900 – $1200 if you choose to go with a bed bug exterminator.

Immediate and Cheap Relief from Itchy Bed Bug Bites

First, you’re going to have to wash all your clothes and dry them on high heat. Some people even keep their affected clothes in trash bags and set them outside for a period of time. Then, to save money, you might want to consider a DIY bed bug solution, as this can potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run.

One such residual and long lasting, effective bed bug killer is discussed on this bed bug blog by someone who had success in finally killing all the bed bugs off fast and for good.

While the best cure for bed bugs is preventing them in the first place, something people often turn to in the interim is an anti-itch bed bug gel or cream.

Bed Bug Sprays Don’t Work to Kill the Eggs

Just be careful not to invest too much time in a bed bug spray that only kills on contact, as you may gain a false sense of security only to wake up again in the near future covered in more annoying and painful sores. Bed bugs do shed their skin as they grow in size and number, so finding their old shells lying around a splotchy patch of black, brown and red stains on the mattress are almost a sure sign that you’ve got an infestation.

Spring 2020 Destined to Bring More Bed Bugs

It’s that time of year again, when the Spring season brings with it a rejuvenation of life on the planet- the trees and the leaves, grass, the forests and woodland creatures- and of course, bed bugs. But have no fear, we are going to give you the vital info on bedbugs today so that you and your family can sleep bed bug bite-free in 2020.

Bed Bugs are Back

  Yes, for some, it might seem as if they’d never left, especially if you’ve checked the Power Rankings on which cities top the U.S.A.’s top 50 cities with bed bugs list. The usual suspects include large metropolitan areas and cities, residences and hotels ranging from 1 – 5 Stars, and even government buildings, schools, subway trains, and even movie theatres.

One of the most common ways you get bed bugs in your home is by another student at school that your child has classes with. As it stands now, there is no official policy on what a school administration will do to a student suspected of carrying around bed bug hitchhikers, but they usually do not remove them from class or send them home.

Ok, Bed Bugs can Happen to Anyone, Now What?

  Now that you know you probably have bed bugs (just kidding), but let’s assume that you do for the sake of pest prevention and removal, it’s time to take the important steps toward identifying where they hide, then getting rid of them.

First, while bed bugs don’t have a preference on where they like to live, the majority of bed bug infestations are found in the bed, mattress edges, and between the box spring and the mattress or bed frame.

They may also be found in nearby furniture, hiding in cracks in the headboard or behind the walls, and are known to leave behind large brown-reddish and dark stains and splotches.

These stains are indicative of blood, feces, the exoskeleton shells they shed as the progress in age and size, and even eggs. Of course, you probably already noticed the big red itchy bites, which is usually a dead ringer.

Get Rid of the Bed Bugs!

  One of the best things you can do whether or not you have bed bugs is to tidy up and organize everything as if your in-laws were coming to town. Vacuum, mop, clean, wipe down, and sanitize the entire home as well as the bedrooms and living rooms.

Since bed bugs usually only like to come out at night, you’ll be giving them fewer hiding spots to hang around. Inspecting your entire bed, pulling it apart to its base components, and shining a flashlight in the hard to see places will give you an idea. Another great thing you can do is to lay down a preventative layer of all natural bed bug killer like they have at

The product stays good forever as long as it’s kept dry. It is usually best, cheapest, safest and easiest way to kill bed bugs, discourage their presences, and to try the easiest and most affordable solutions first.

Bed Bug Exterminator Costs

  A bed bug pest removal service could run anywhere from $300 – $500 for the average family. This usually involves an inspection by an exterminator and possible specialized bed bug inspection dog, may include large scale heat treatments in your home, and of course spraying the unit and affected areas.

Since DDT was made illegal almost 50 years by governments around the world for a pesticide, our public officials, weighed down by apathy and over-regulation of even safe, natural (and edible) insecticides, have ultimately failed to let newcomers to the market with more innovative approaches and methods of marketing consistent with the 21st Century. For now, that means the bed bugs are probably gonna bite.

When Airbnb Goes Wrong- Bed Bugs, Rude Hosts and False Reviews

airbnb and bed bugs

Has this happened to you?

You make a reservation on Airbnb, plan your trip, contact the host of the property, and show up with positive expectations only to end up sorely disappointed?

From getting bed bugs at an Airbnb to untrustworthy hosts trying to get you to pay extra money once you arrive, to hosts that write false reviews about you as a guest because of their own personal issues- it seems that there really are a lot of scenarios that might motivate you to post your own anecdote over at

And of course, if you raise a concern over an issue like bed bugs to your Airbnb host, it could result in the host defaming you on the site to lower your reputation score for future bookings.

The New Sharing Economy of Airbnb and Uber Could Mean More Bed Bugs- or Even Coronavirus

While many unsuspecting people see the rise of Airbnb as a good thing, the reality is there has been massive inflation in asset classes due to central bank stimulus in the economy since 2008– with no end in sight either.

Indeed, the “sharing economy” seems to offer short-term cost benefits but exhibit long term problems.

This has caused people to want to hang onto their old apartment, house or condo instead of selling it, to ride up the valuation in price while making money charging rents, and thus driving up the price of rents, hotel rooms, and purchasing a home for first time buyers.

At the same time, most people who save their money are penalized with an interest rate for their savings account that does not keep up with unofficial inflation, and barely with official inflation.

So, people turn to Airbnb, and Uber too.

uber ride share cars harbor high levels of bacteria

Uber, the ride hailing service is also prone to scams, frauds, and customer service disasters, as well as creating a “shared” environment where the car itself becomes a giant safe haven for bed bugs, bacteria, and even viruses like the Coronavirus which is currently expanding across the globe.

Indeed, ride share services like Uber have shown to have substantially larger amounts of bacteria, and 3x the amount of bacteria as a rental car.

At the time of this writing, Airbnb has suspended all listing in Beijing until May in reaction to the Coronavirus.

Let’s Call It What it Is: The Second Hand Economy

One of the easiest ways to get bed bugs is through 2nd hand furniture, buying a couch at a thrift store, or getting a hand-me-down mattress or dresser for your new apartment.

In addition, bed bugs are found in movie theaters, bus, train and airplane seats, schools, hospitals, and of course- hotels.

This explains why it’s so easy and prevalent to find bed bugs at an Airbnb.

Considering that, like a hotel, an Airbnb sees a lot of traffic from a potentially large cross section of the world demographic all but guarantees exposure to exotic bacteria, viruses, insects- and other nightmare experiences- but does not carry the same standards as a 5-Star hotel, it’s no wonder people are giving up using the online service after a bad experience.

Final Word on Airbnb and Bed Bugs

So if you bring home uninvited guests next time after your Airbnb stay and have a bed bug infestation, or even if you’re a host and a guest brought them into your home, the outcome is the same: You’re going to need to get rid of bed bugs sooner or later.

One Airbnb host said they had to get a $1,000 fumigation to kill bed bugs in their home after travelers brought them in. The costs of fumigation were not covered by Airbnb either.

For an affordable solution against bed bugs that’s safe and natural, visit and explore the options that’s best for your home. You’re bound to save money and have the best shot at getting rid of the nasty little bedbugs before having to resort to an expensive exterminator.

In addition, the product they offer stays good as long as kept dry, so it can provide some active prevention measures indefinitely into the future for you as well.

Medical Study on Athletes in Football Reveals Bombshell About Snoring and Heart Health

In what comes as not the most surprising news but significant nonetheless, a recent medical survey showed young male athletes in their late teens who play rugby or American styled football demonstrated distressed sleeping patterns, and a dramatically higher risk for heart attacks than the average middle aged man.

The reason I’m not shocked by this news is because I have long suspected a link between body mass, neck size, activity level, and snoring/sleep apnea.

This is why NFL Hall of Fame tackle Reggie White passed away, heart problems likely exacerbated by sleep apnea relaated to his being “a big guy”, and probably the decreased activity level once he retired from professional football.

Harvard medical doctors have long reported that being overweight or obese is the biggest risk of all when it comes to snoring, as well as heart disease and diabetes. This is why truck drivers, who themselves have higher rates of obesity, also find themselves getting a CPAP.

Football and Rugby Players at Higher Risk

Sleep apnea and snoring work similarly- your airway gets blocked and your lungs cannot get sufficient air. This leads to stopping breathing several times a night while you sleep. For severe apnea patients, this can mean more than 100 apnea episodes a night.

The chin and jaw sink backwards into the throat, cutting off airflow and initiating an episode of snoring or sleep apnea. The bigger the neck, the more neck fat there is, the more risk there is for snoring and potentially stopping breathing during the night to never regain consciousness again.

The cumulative effect over time is the greater potential for heart disease, heart attacks, stroke, cardiac arrhythmia, and premature death. Since most of America is either overweight and almost 33% are technically obese, you can understand why so many millions of people have a snoring problem, if not sleep apnea.

Is CPAP the best choice for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

  The doctors at Harvard said that if people were to lose just 10% of their body weight, then the majority of these heart problems related to snoring would simply go away.

Since we already know most people aren’t going to do that, here’s what we do know.

Over half of all people that get a CPAP end up quitting and not using it, not because they no longer need it, but they find the process to be uncomfortable or inconvenient. And this is how they found Reggie White when he had passed, in his bed with his CPAP lying next to him, not in use.

What about the People who use their CPAP Every Night?

Some people report back that CPAP is the best thing that’s ever happened to them. Maybe it is, since most of them will refuse to change their diets and exercise regimens- or begin one.

But maybe, just using a machine that forces air down your throat at night isn’t really solving the problem, but is instead making you more comfortable as you head into the golden years where bodies that weren’t taken care of start to break down at a rapid pace.

In addition to this, aside from weight loss which of course is the most important aspect in the majority of snoring and sleep apnea cases, there are alternatives out there to CPAP like mouthpieces and mouthguards.

Most people with snoring could do well to check out some stop snoring mouthpieces, cut down on the sugary drinks, and get outside for a walk or a run 2 – 3 times a week for starters.

Other Risk Factors in Snoring and Sleep Apnea

  Other factors that play a role in people stopping breathing during their sleep is alcohol and drugs- even the prescribed ones. But usually, when you hear a news story about some young celebrity dying a tragic death before their time, it usually involves alcohol, xanax, and painkillers.

So it’s good to keep all that in mind as well.

The most important thing to do in my opinion (this is not medical advice): understand the risk factors and address them one by one without becoming dependent on a machine to force air down your throat.

I realize we live in a time where if people want to lose weight, they might try to get lap band surgery to eliminate the ability to eat more than a few bites at a time, but when you can simply exercise self-control and get on with a free and independent existence, why wouldn’t you make the simple and best choice?

CBD fast becoming the Go-To DIY health supplement

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. It is now legal in the entire United States, and it does not have the same effect on you as marijuana. The CBD market has grown rapidly since the government has made CBD legal in just the last 5 – 10 years starting with the states.

Benefits of CBD and CBD Oil

  While it might come as something of a surprise to many out there, cannabis has been shown to reverse cancer or stop it completely in what is known as cell apoptosis, or death of the cancer cell itself. It can no longer spread to new areas as it simply stops.

Yes, Harvard has known about this and reported it for years. So have other Universities in Spain and even Tel Aviv. The simple fact is, the cancer treatment industry is billions and trillions of dollars and cannabis is essentially a weed that you can grow in your backyard.

Hope for Kids With Autism and Seizures

  CBD is the ultimate fear of big pharma, the medical insurance companies, and all medical monopolies over some of the most gruesome conditions and their treatment. For long cancer alternative treatments have been kept on the sidelines due to corruption in the government bureaucracy and its revolving door of CEOs that “serve” in a public capacity from time to time. Some kids that did not respond to traditional anti-seizure meds have been almost completely seizure free once they started treatment with CBD.

If it’s good for the kids, then it’s gotta be legal, right? Well, I wish it were that easy, but you already know it isn’t. The fact is CBD is good for so many things and can even help patients on existing medications to regain their appetites or sleep better at night, reduce pain, etc. While the government and doctors are very slow to acknowledge any real benefit of CBD or cannabis, it is rooted mainly in their own self-interest to control access to cures and treatments.

Conditions that CBD can help

  CBD is great for treating chronic pain because it is natural and not opiate or opioid based, not addictive, and the body does not create a higher tolerance with each use.

Cannabis oil has been used by some to eliminate their cancer.

CBD is great for anxiety/depression, IBS, restlessness and sleep disorders, migraines, inflammation of joints, and many other conditions.

Here’s a recommended site where you can get organic and safe American-sourced CBD Oil.

My personal story with cannabis

  Personally, I have used both CBD and cannabis with THC, and I can speak very highly of them, no pun intended. With cannabis I can actually sit down and calmly mete out work on my computer, I can have some directly before a long run, and it reduces my interest in consuming alcohol. On top of that, it gives me a feeling of general ease and relaxation that lasts for a long time even if I don’t necessarily feel “high” that I lack without it.

I have a history of anxiety and depression, and cannabis just seems to shut out a lot of the negative recurring thoughts that I have on a regular basis. At the end of the day, only you can determine if CBD oil is a benefit to your life. With nothing to lose, what would you gain if you tried it and it made your life better? Good luck

The Real Economy: a 75% Chance of a Recession Has Been Confirmed

What’s the Real Story for Retirees When It Comes to the Economy?

With so many stories and all the static in the daily news cycle, it’s often hard to tell the real direction of the US and global economy. That’s why we like to look at the facts, and nothing more. Here’s some recent happening in the financial and economic world that just show once more that the next recession is practically already here and it’s time for retirees to prepare now.

84 percent of CFOs surveyed think there will be a recession by 2021. The survey surprised the surveyors when so many CFOs were in close agreement that, if not sooner, a recession would be here by 2021. A global economic slowdown, however, is taking place in the United States and the Western world along with Asia.

recession prediction 2019 and 2020

Fewer young Americans get driver’s licenses these days. While getting a driver’s license used to be as American as moon landings and baseball, Generation Z now enrolls in later-age driver’s education and fewer go to the DMV to get that all-coveted freedom pass. With Uber, Lyft, and limited resources and income to include insourcing menial wage jobs to foreigners and immigrant workers (some illegal), the average 16-year-old American now competes heavily with men twice their age who are willing to do backflips for the same job.

Labor market supply gluts are keeping wages weak. Again, globalization reveals its true face, with many Americans later entering the workforce for jobs that pay less and offer less hours, while women joining the workforce and more than doubling the labor market in massive amounts of immigrants, driving down labor prices since the 1970s.

Real Inflation Could Eat Away More than Just Retirees Fixed Income Distributions

Actual (unofficial) inflation and CPI are actually around 7-10%. The government has consistently changed the way it keeps tabs on metrics such as inflation and the CPI (consumer price index), even going so far to ignore the cost of basic goods because, at the end of the day, the Federal Reserve is not there to do anything but protect the global banking elite and keep Wall St looking good.

This is also one of the reasons getting a Gold IRA could be very beneficial to a newly made retiree or someone with an old 401k they need to convert into an IRA. Readers should check out to get a free Gold IRA rollover and investing kit.

401k IRA rollover to gold

Millennials can’t afford to buy homes, have too much debt and not enough good jobs. With a shortage of good jobs, millennials graduate university with enormous student loan debt that many will never be able to reimburse working a “normal” job. I once met a restaurant worker who told me she had over $100 K in student debt when I waited for tables. When I heard that, I almost collapsed and she said it as casually as you might ask for a napkin at lunchtime.

With 10,000 people becoming 64 each day over the next few years, a baby boomer will benefit from being mentally and psychologically prepared to protect their investments, 401k and IRA as long as they can. Ensure that your investments are more severely divided into lower risk assets once you leave the workforce.

Whatever You Do to Protect Your Retirement, Do Something to Protect Your 401K or IRA!

With savings accounts not even paying enough to break inflation, American retirees are going to have to come up with a strategy to have enough money for retirement, whether they like it or not. The good news is, there’s still time. The bad news is, time’s running out!

The Greatest Depression is Set to Start in 2020, Here’s Why

The T-Bill Yield Curve Inverts: A Recession is a Year Away

A fundamental warning indicator of a potential recession was triggered on Friday afternoon, as a result of the 3 month T bill rate exceeding that of 10-year Treasuries. What this would suggest is that short term government bonds are producing larger returns than long term treasury instruments, showing that investors have a negative outlook of the economy long term.

To state this in other words, the rare occurrence of a yield curve inversion has historically predicted recessions in 1989, 2000, 2007, and what will likely be 2020.

The ONLY Thing Propping Up the Current Stock Market

The Federal Reserve System recently revealed that that they had no need to lift interest rates any longer for 2019, primarily admitting they could not any longer. This is a reverse from an exact previous plan to raise rates a minimum of 4 times this ucpoming year. Upon raising rates in the previous year to a nominal rate of a miniscule 2.5%, the stock exchange began a 3 month dive starting in October, and had a spectacular devaluation during the holiday season in 2018.

What this suggests is that the Fed Reserve is confessing that the economy isn’t that sturdy in any case, and with no more zero interest rates to make sure lots of free money get injected into the equity and bond markets, the Dow-Jones and other exchanges don’t have the necessary fuel to remain on their upward price movement for much longer.

Federal Reserve Chair Powell Backtracks on Original Intent to Raise Interest Rates

After flip-flopping on future interest rate hikes, the Federal Reserve has shown their real agena, and if you interpret reality you’ll see that they’re not opposed to dropping rates back to zero, if not going into a time of negative interest rates- charging you money for just holding yours in too-big-too-fail banking institutions.

But maybe unsurprisingly this is simply the outcome of ten years of quantitative easing, money printing, tax cuts for the rich corporations resulting in them performing stock share buybacks to prop up their share price- events that have occurred during a surreal time where consumer, corporate, national, and worldwide debt have soared to a combined $250 trillion and at which currently, everyone admits can never ever be paid off.

So as we tend to sit and await the worldwide debt default, it’ll be up for discussion to figure out the next trigger as housing markets around the world still continue to slide, the school student loan bubble rises to new heights, and presently record retail location closures and people missing their vehicle payments for 3 months straight paint a scenario which will not end well.

Indeed, the economy isn’t as upright as the “experts” have been claiming, and central banks round the world are quietly buying gold in emergency-like proportions. Gold in your IRA is another option as prices are at all-time historic lows, and many assess precious metals as the last real investment opportunity left that is not in a current bubble or fresh off from a burst bubble.

Precious Metals Could Soar in the Coming Years


A great way to protect your retirement with gold and silver is to simply shop for it yourself online. If you have a 401K, Roth IRA or IRA and want to secure a large position in gold or silver, a Gold IRA rollover could be beneficial to your overall portfolio, providing a tax haven, allowing for holding metals and ownership of real gold, and enabling buyers to accept delivery whenever they like.

401k rollover to gold

Check Out More Videos on the World Economy:


EPA Releases New Guide on Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

get rid of bed bugsIf you thought that there was no solution in sight to dealing with those nasty, creepy crawly biting critters that hide in your bed at night, you can feel good knowing that the
EPA released a complete guide to getting rid of bed bugs.

The EPA has done a good job in helping the public understand the scope and the necessary measures to take to eliminate a bed bug infestation, and we’ll cover the basics here today.

Recognizing the Signs and Hiding Places of Bedbugs

First things first, it’s time to find where the bed bugs are hiding. This is easier said than done. By reducing clutter and cleaning up your home, you will get rid of places for them to hide. Cleaning under the bed is a great initial step on the road to bed bug prevention.

Next, break down and disassemble your bed, looking for the shells of bed bugs, black spots (which are bedbug feces), and brown-reddish and black splotches and stains which are a dead giveaway. As for furniture, ask yourself if you’ve bought any used furniture or picked up any antiques lately. Bed bugs often stow away in 2nd hand dressers, sofas, and mattresses.

Bed Bug Bites are Easy to Spot

Bed bugs leaves little red bites, usually in patterns, lines, or groups. If you see a pattern of several bites when you wake up in the morning on the skin which was exposed throughout the night, chances are it’s bed bugs. Flea bites usually occur near the ankles, and spider bites are pretty rare, and usually only occur with one or two bites.

Current List of EPA Approved Bed Bug Killers

The list of EPA approved bed bug killers include pyrethrins, pyrethroids, desiccants, biochemicals, pyrroles, neonicotinoids, and insect growth regulators. Each type of insecticide has its own unique method of effectiveness.

For instance, one such biochemical is cold pressed neem oil keep infestations under control. Pyrethrins are merely natural chemicals found in the chrysanthemum flower, and just like neonicotinoids, they act on the central nervous system of the bedbug itself, causing it to malfunction internally and perish. Neonicotinoids are derived from nicotine, so who’d have thought that nicotine isn’t just harmful to your health?

Dessicants are also quite effective because they are dry, powdered fossilized algae that penetrate the exoskeleton and hard shell of bed bugs and cause them to lose all internal fluids. The issue with dessicants like diatomaceous earth is that there are numerous types of the product, from food grade to swimming pool to pesticide grade.

For an effective EPA approved dessicant, visit this website for a natural bed bug killer that is both affordable, safe, and lasts forever as long as it’s kept dry.

It should be noted that bed bug foggers are not recommended by the EPA as a sole bed bug treatment, and if used should be a part of a comprehensive regimen of other solutions.

One Last Word About Bed Bug Bites

Finally, another thing to keep in mind is to determine if it’s bed bugs or dust mites. Dust mites can be harder to stop because they are invisible to the naked eye, however many of the same methods that work to stop bed bugs also work on dust mites just the same. The dust mites are not actually biting you however, just eating your dead skin and then defecating, which causes an allergic reaction in your skin.

Are Holiday Job Layoffs Coming to Your Town?

What a way to ring in the holidays, and the New Year, for that matter. While many people around the world are nestling in with friends and loved ones, many thousands are stuck worrying about the possibility of being jobless and without prospects for work in 2019.

You may have already heard that GM was laying off thousands of workers as well as Starbucks deciding it will close an additional 150 stores next year, in addition to eliminating 350 corporate positions, but even smaller companies that you have never heard of are making significant reductions to their workforce to match the current economic and business climate in the US- and the world.

While many General Motors employees have already taken the voluntary buyout offer of their employment contracts, many more are holding on and will likely be targeted for release in January of 2019. This, after American taxpayers bailed out a failing GM in 2009 with a large sum of money to save the company, which of course no Americans even got to vote on.

Just How Bad Could the Economic Bubble and Ensuing Pop Get?

GM is also being accused of treason, deciding to move their operations to China where they will enjoy cheaper labor and a complete lack of human rights, democracy, and freedom that a pesky factory worker might try to claim someday in an attempt to maintain their own humanity.

The US/China trade war could eventually turn into a shooting war 10 – 20 years down the road according to investor Jim Rogers, who says that Donald Trump is making enemies around the world with his protectionist policies. Still, it’s hard to fault Trump for deciding to finally make an attempt no other US President has ever tried to do and that’s get China to deal fair and stop putting tariffs on US goods while getting free trade from their biggest customers around the world.

In addition to dealing dishonestly with other countries on trade, China is no stranger to a potential housing market crisis either, now home to over 50 million homes with no inhabitants, and too expensive to sell or rent out to Chinese citizens. Many ghost cities have now become a regular thing in China, and what others have overlooked is that the amount of debt the Chinese government has taken on in recent years is astronomical compared to western countries.

The difference is, China, being communist, tends to fudge the numbers on everything to an unheard degree. Many people just a few blocks away from Tienenman Square to this day are not even aware that a massacre occurred there 30 years ago, and why would they? The Communist party blocks and censors the web and conceals any details about what happened that June day in 1989.

Why You Should Get Gold and Silver While You Still Can

Gold and silver are set for meteoric rises once the economic everything bubble pops. Smart investors find the most undervalued, underappreciated assets and invest in them after they have flattened and forged a solid level of stability, and gold and silver have been steadily holding the ground they achieved ever since the turn of the century for the last 5 years.

get your free gold 401k and ira tipsOne of the best ways to hold gold and silver is through a precious metals IRA. You can opt for taking delivery of the gold or silver while still retaining all the tax benefits of a traditional or Roth IRA.

Many people who transfer jobs or retire end up rolling over their 401k to gold IRAs so they can have the peace of mind of a stable currency and hard asset that never seems to lose its value among print-happy governments and unscrupulous politicians and bureaucrats hell-bent on preserving the status quo, often at the expense of the middle class, which America actually used to have.

Here’s a great site where you can learn more about getting a economy-proof Precious Metals or Gold IRA to preserve your hard earned retirement:

My University Instructors Had to Work an Extra 10 Years in Order to Retire after 2008