Fiber- A Notable Absentee in Most Americans’ Diet That Can Add a Couple Of years To Your Life

Get more fiber in your diet

fiber dietEveryone wants to live a healthy life. Unfortunately, not everyone does and eats what is right to help him or her live a healthy life. For a long and healthy life, most Americans are more than willing to part ways with their unhealthy diets and adopt better ones.

The beauty of it is that the best foods are always right with us. It is just that most people tend to overlook them. Fiber has always been a notable absentee in most people’s diet. It is only through sensible and responsible eating that one can eat what really matters and do away with the rest.

What is dietary fiber? Simply, dietary fiber refers to a specific type of food that offers minimal or no nutritional value. With this in mind, one might be tempted to think that it is no health benefit to your body. Surprisingly, it plays a crucial role in your body.

One of the major advantages of eating fibrous foods is that is clans your digestive system and reduces constipation. Naturally, most fibrous foods are deficient of fat with the exception of seeds and nuts. The average American consumes less that 12 grams of fiber a day. These figures are way below the recommended 20 grams.

Healthy eating and nutritional tips

Dietary fiber comes with a myriad of health benefits. The most important of them is that it is an effective nutrient when it comes to combating unhealthy weight gain. How to it achieve this, the fibrous nature of fibrous food induces a feeling of fullness that results in eating less food.

This feeling compels your body to burn your fat reserves to provide your body with the energy it requires for normal metabolism. A perfect diet stop hair fall, read more tips to stop hair fall and regrowth.

America is a nation that has an alarming level of lifestyle disease. Heart diseases, high blood pressure are some of the diseases that have cut short most people dreams of seeing their grandchildren. Fiber helps you keep your blood sugar and cholesterol level in check. This is what makes fiber an important factor when it comes to combating these lifestyle diseases.

With the benefits of having fiber in your diet at hand, it is also important to have during specific meals. A good time to have fibrous food is when having breakfast. Start your day with a bowl of healthy cereals and cut down the levels of sugary foods in your diet.

American cereal markets are flooded with some sweetened cereals that have very little fiber content and many sugars. Go for the natural and unsweetened cereal. If your child does not welcome this idea, try chopping some fruits to make it sweater and healthier for them.

Nature of the diet

For anyone intending to increase their fiber uptake, there are a number of ways of meeting this objective. Go for whole meal bread and pasta, replace your chocolate bar with a piece of granola or muesli. Like with any other thing, your success in increasing the fiber content in your food can only be achieved with the help of small dietary changes and responsible eating. Improve your health today and stay healthy.