Eating habits of humans and dogs

Unusual Eating Habits

Eating habitsMost of us have a pet or had once when they were younger a pet that was a dog. That is case with me. Ever since I can remember, I had a dog in front of my house. And I know I always wondered what dogs should eat. Do they need to eat as I or in a different, specially planned manner. Dogs are like us, people, mammals .By its origin, body constitution dogs are carnivores even though their diet today is not based on meat alone, but also on the carbohydrates. Domestication is significantly affected eating habits of dogs.

Today, the dog became omnivorous and eats factory-produced flours, granulated and canned food while raw and homemade food is less and less used in the diet. Because both humans and dogs are mammals, eating habits of humans and dogs should be similar. But we must emphasize that the consumption of energy of humans and animals is different.

There are many misconceptions about eating habits of dogs. The most common are: dogs require only meaty food, bones, vegetables they should not be given vegetables because it is harmful to them, while the milk is essential in every meal. These misconceptions confirm that there are people and dog owners do not know enough and that they do not care about their pets. Nutrition depends on the dog breed as well as on what a dog does, whether it is moving, whether it is used for hunting or dog lives in the apartment with the owner.

Top 5 Weird Pet Eating Habits

Similar is the case with humans. The best foods are carbohydrates but in healthy and natural forms. Of course that dogs need a little more protein, because of their structure, metabolism, as well as activities that require strong muscles, and we know that proteins are essential for functional muscle work. It is essential that meals contain all the necessary ingredients in sufficient quantities, that are not too cold, savory or reheated. Complete meal includes energy, protein, mineral and vitamins. Get useful tips to how to get rid of bed bugs and safe your home and work place.

Favorite dog meal usually includes boiled corn flour, rice and grains. This meal fully meets the energy needs of a dog. Substitute for fresh meat, milk and dairy products, which are the most important but also the most expensive sources of protein foods, you can serve fish meal, a variety of protein foods of plant origin – germ of cereals , soybeans and peanuts.

Properly selected bones are the source for the mineral substances, especially calcium. As we can see, the food that dogs eat is similar to the food that is needed and people Of course there differences but healthy food is healthy, regardless of whether it is eaten by a dog or man. But, I would point out that one man can perfectly work as a vegetarian while dogs could not survive with such type of nutrition.

Nutrition and Feeding Tips

Compared to dogs, human should eat a lot more carbohydrates for proper functioning of the brain and eat less meat than dogs. The reason is in differences of metabolism. Human body finds it harder to digest meat compared to dogs body, while it digest way better carbohydrates than dogs do.

But, we must admit that every one of us has different eating habits and eats what feels good and giver more energy. Every nutritionist will tell you that there is no universal formula for protein and carbohydrate intake, everyone is different. That is also the case with dogs. Therefore, it is most important in eating habits of humans and dogs to balance intake of carbohydrates and meat and find the most productive and healthier eating plan.