MAJOR SIDE EFFECTS FOUND IN PESTICIDES not contained in Bedroom Guardian

Side effects of pesticides

pesticidesThere is nothing as irritating as having pests around your home. Pests are annoying and disturbing during the day and at night. Though each one of them has a way you can use, to get rid of them, bed bugs are the most difficult to kill. They hide inside our clothes, blankets and mattress such that finishing them off requires special techniques and pesticides.

The use of pesticides in attempt to find the Bedroom guardian and has been rampant and widely used by people in desperate need of a natural solution. The commonly used pesticides are not just dangerous to the bugs but as well as the person controlling them and the environment as well.

Their possible negative health effects to people applying them especially where safety is not strictly followed can be fatal. Some of these products are toxic to human bodies and even to plants and animals if inhaled or accidentally consumed. Some of these side effects of popular consumer pesticides chemicals found include:


This pesticide is very effective in killing bed bugs completely. The chemical ingredients found in Temprid are one of the features that make it more potential in destroying bugs and other pests. The ingredients are Beta-cyfluthrin and Imidacloprid.Though this chemical will eliminate pests, the negative aspect cannot be ignored.

Temprid affects plant life and can be extremely adverse if it gets to fish and animals, and it’s even hazardous to the human body. It causes both short-term and long-term health impacts such as eye irritation, nausea when swallowed among other sicknessess. That’s why they recommend a lot of safety when handling it.It has even been banned in some parts of US due to its serious negative side effects to human health and the environment.

JT Eaton Bed bug spray as effective as Bedroom Guardian?

JT Eaton pesticide is commonly known for its effectiveness in fighting with bugs and eliminating them from your house. The most used by people are JT Eaton Oil spray, a liquid that is oil-based the other type of pesticide is the JT Eaton Aerosol that is water based spray for pesticides both of them are made of Pyrethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide as the core ingredients.

Beside the positive side of the spray eliminating pesticides it also has some negative sides to health of the people, if exposed to it such as: headaches, breathing difficulties, problems with the nervous system, nausea among others and to the environment especially when not used up as recommended by the manufacturer.

Phosphine pesticide

Phosphine in its natural state is a gas that works very well to eliminate bedbugs in homes. It works when mixed with water especially when it’s humid. That’s when the gas gets released to control pests. But this gas has adverse impacts on the health of people especially the lungs, nervous system and can eventually cause death like in some reported may be effective in the prevention and control of pests but its negative impacts out ways the positives.

Pyrethrin and pyrethroids

They are compounds most used in the control and killing of bedbugs and other pests or insects. Both of these chemicals are very useful towards the invasion of pests. Pyrethroids contain an ingredient that is active such as the permethrin.

Besides the safe side of eliminating pests in your home this pesticide has side effects to human health such as coughing ,wheezing if inhaled, rashes and itching of the skin when in contact, while the long-term impacts include; disruption of endocrine system in women and abnormal growth of tissues in men.

Most of these pesticides used in the control of pests especially bedbugs have adverse negative impacts on people and the environment. Therefore, the best method to prevent these dangerous effects is by employing professionals that have specialized in control of pests and who know how to use environmentallyly friendly methods to eradicate bedbugs into your home.

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